How am I dealing with my ever-improving Debugging Techniques

How much time do you spend in debugging? Well, I know that the question is bit vague and the answer would vary. After spending close to 15 years in Computer Programming, I still can't say confidently how much time I really spend in debugging things. ...

10 Types of Applications To Build Using Python

Python Applications - FInd the best 10 Kinds of Applications that can be developed using Python effortlessly with its top notch resources.

Can Julia Rival Python for King of Data Science?

Can Julia Rival Python for King of Data Science? A new programming language could challenge Python's title as King of Data Science. We tested Julia with a VAE to find out how it compares to Python.

Why use Python’s NumPy for Array Programming

NumPy library has become popular in artificial intelligence and deep learning. Here’s a stock of the significance of NumPy array programming

MongoDB Vs MySQL: Which One Is A Better Database In 2020? -

Confused between MongoDB vs MySQL? Don't know which one to go for? Read this detailed article to understand more about both the databases.

Meet Silq: The First High-Level Quantum Computer Language

Silq’s code is remarkedly shorter – 46% than Q# and 38% than Quipper; is easier to read and write, and uses half the number of quantum primitives than other

Swift 5.3 Brings New Language Features, Better Developer Experience.

Swift 5.3, which has recently become available with Xcode 12, includes a number of significant new features at the syntax level, including support for multi-pattern catch clauses, increased availability for implicit self, and more. Additionally, the Swift team has worked on improving runtime performance, especially when using SwiftUI, and developer experience.

Google Engineer Tailors Swift for Windows

The vision for Swift to become a cross-platform programming language has moved one step further with the introduction of a Swift toolchain for Windows 10. Early adopters can now use Swift to create Windows 10 programs that interoperate through the C ABI with existing libraries available on the platform.

66 Years of Fortran — Dead or Alive?

Traditionally, programmers and developers used to program in machine assembly code in binary, which was not only difficult but extremely time-consuming to debug the code. Thus, Fortran was developed as the first high-level language using a compiler, which was simple to learn and suitable for several applications.

Article Series: PHP 7.x

PHP 7.x brings several improvements and new features that touch all aspects of the language, including better support for object oriented programming, extensions to classes and interfaces, improvements to the type system, error handling, and more. In this series of articles, we discuss new features across the various PHP 7.x versions.

C++20 Is Now Final, C++23 At Starting Blocks

Originally planned for release last February, C++20 has now received the final technical approval and will be published foreseeably by the end of the year. C++20 will include modules, coroutines, and concepts among its major new features.

5 Coding Languages That Will Disappear In 10 Years

Our goal with this article is to break down 5 languages which we think will disappear in the next 20 years. As time passes and programmers find new and easier ways of working their craft, new coding languages spring up like mushrooms, with a select few going on to become staples in the coding community. One unfortunate side effect of this progress is the relegation of older languages to the dustbin of history.

Is Julia Production Ready? Q&A With Bogumił Kamiński

On the heels of JuliaCon 2020, SGH Warsaw School of Economics professor Bogumił Kamiński summarized the status of the language and its ecosystem and stated that Julia is finally production ready. InfoQ has taken the change to speak with professor Kamiński.

Real Time Vehicle Identifier and Speed counter using Python

Download Free Source code and complete tutorial of Real-time Vehicle Identifier and speed counter Using python and OpenCV. Some of the methods used to classify cars is to remember license plate numbers. The identification device for the license plate consists of three key parts: sensing, picture acquisition, and detection. Typically the component detecting the vehicle is focused on proximity or loop coil sensors and sends the signal to the component recording the picture to activate a video camera. After receiving the trigger signal from the sensing part, the image capturing part captures the image of the car using a high speed shutter to reduce blurring in motion. The portion of identification then scans the caught picture and identifies the numbers on the license plate.

Reasons Why Dot NET is Better Than Java

Reasons Why Dot NET is Better Than Java. Java is used a lot for application development but .net's popularity is increasing day by day.Read more about .net Vs Java, which is better?

Is Python the Future of Programming?

Python will be the language of the future. Testers will have to upgrade their skills and learn these languages to tame the AI and ML tools. Python might not have bright years in the past years (which is mainly launch in the year 1991) but it has seen a continuous and amazing trend of growth in the 21st century.

PHP 7 — Improvements to Arrays, Operators, Constants, and Exception Handling

In this final article on the series on new features in PHP 7.x, we shall discuss improvements to arrays, operators, constants, and exception handling.

Intro to probabilistic programming

What is Probabilistic Programming? The idea behind Probabilistic programming to bring the inference algorithms and theory from statistics combined with formal semantics, compilers, and other tools from programming languages to build efficient inference evaluators for models and applications from Machine Learning.

Invisibility Cloak with code & Tutorial

As a harry potter fan I have had a childhood dream about wearing a mask about invisibility. So it turns out that I can now really satisfy my childhood dream using basic image manipulation techniques. This coding turns a red fabric into an invisibility cloak.In this article, we will learn how to use basic computer vision strategies in OpenCV to build our own 'Invisibility Cloak'. We wrote this code in Python here because it provides an extensive and adequate library for creating this application.

Object Tracking Using Python and OpenCV Source Code - Genial Code

Download Free Project Object Tracking Using Python and OpenCV source code and documentation with complete guidance. OpenCV is an Open Source Commuter Vision Library that has interfaces for C++ , Python and Java, and supports Windows, Macos, Mac OS, iOS , and Android. So it can quickly be installed with Python and Linux framework in Raspberry Pi. And Raspberry Pi can be used with OpenCV and connected camera to build several applications for real-time image processing, such as face recognition , face lock, object monitoring, car number plate recognition, home surveillance device etc.