Flutter vs React Native vs PWA

This tutorial provides a quick comparison between Flutter vs React Native vs PWA apps for Mobile App development.

How to Build a Progressive Web App (PWA) with Face Recognition and Speech Recognition

In this tutorial, I will discuss advanced PWA features that provide access to your hardware APIs. We are going to build an app with Face Recognition and Speech Recognition. This is now possible on the Web/Browser! The native experience users see on native apps is now brought to the web! This would open up a whole new approach. How to Build a Progressive Web App (PWA) with Face Recognition and Speech Recognition

How to Divide Our Apps into Manageable Chunks 

We look at the MVC and blackboard patterns. Writing apps that users use are hard. Therefore, we’ve to divide them into small chunks so that each part manageable.

How We Excuse, Promote and Allow Failing Up in Progressive Politics

Written by Audra (Tafoya) Grassia, edited by Loryn Wilson Carter. This is the seventh post in a series about racism in the progressive political ecosystem. You can read my previous posts here.

What is the Service Worker ⚙️ Cache Storage Limit?

The Service worker cache limit ranges by browser and device constraints. Capacity typically starts at 50MB & ranges up to 20GB, with caveats I explore in this article.

Forbes.com Is A Progressive Web App (PWA)

Forbes remade their website into one of the early adopters of Progressive Web Applications. What were their goals and what sort of improvements did they experience?

Leantime: Open Source Project Management System

Leantime is a project management solution for innovators that makes work efficient and includes ideas and strategies development, task management, and roadmap planning.

A Progressive Web App Of The Classic Atari Game

I recently presented to a group of Indian college students about my path to my development career. In doing so I traced my origins back to Atari Pong.

Starbucks Doubled their Daily Active users using Progressive Web Apps!

Starbucks Doubled their Daily Active users using Progressive Web Apps! We quickly discuss why PWA is going to win the mobile development war.

🍎Apple Safari Ships Service Worker & Progressive Web App Support

Apple shipped service worker & PWA feature support in iOS 11.3 & Safari 13. Now iPhones & iPads support basic Progressive Web App features!

Do Progressive Web Apps (PWA) 📳 Improve SEO? 🔎

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) elevate the web user experience to rival native applications. So how does this relate to organic search optimization (SEO)?

Twitter Announces Their Progressive Web App (Pwa)

Twitter Announces Their Progressive Web App: On Friday, March 23 2018, Twitter announced their Progressive Web App was not available in the Microsoft Windows Store.

The Philly Code Camp Schedule Progressive Web App (PWA)

This weekend is the first 2018 Philadelphia Code Camp at the Microsoft Malvern AP MTC. I am teaching a full day Progressive Web App (PWA) on Friday.

Rising Open Source Software Vulnerabilities Require a Modern WAF

Rising Open Source Software Vulnerabilities Require a Modern WAF: The overall solution to security can be complicated, but the most important piece of the puzzle is a web application firewall (WAF).

Mosaics From Images & Photos

Photosaics is a tool to create beautiful mosaics of an image from an original you specify and are made up of many small images/photos you can also provide.

TastyIgniter: Restaurant Reservation & Management System

TastyIgniter is an open-source restaurant online ordering system that aims to make life enjoyable for developers and restaurateurs and allows the users to make reservations online.

Pros and Cons of Django Framework for App Development

Django is a robust framework, but it has its own pros and cons. Read the most basic advantages and disadvantages of using Django for python web development.

How to easily turn your static website to a Progressive Web App(PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are very much in vogue with some of the biggest companies like Twitter, Forbes, Alibaba, Instagram, Flipkart e.t.c and have gained popularity.

Progressive Web Apps 📱 are Not 🚫 a Google Only Thing

Its time to stop saying Progressive Web Apps are a Google technology. PWAs are about delivering great user experiences across all browsers and platforms.

Progressive Web Apps: The New Promise For The Future of eCommerce

We are a leading eCommerce development company and we have a team of experts who can help you to get a PWA for your eCommerce App.