Comparing Magento Theme to PWA Storefront

We compare Magento theme with PWA storefront, and help you decide if this new approach is really worth it for your business.

PWAs on iOS 14 Beta: Are We There Yet? - SimiCart

It’s that time again when we explore all the changes with PWA on the latest iOS version — iOS 14 Beta 6 — and discuss with you our findings.

PWA Limitations: Myths and Facts - SimiCart

There are downsides to PWA—but to get to the truth of this, we have to first filter out all the myths about the limitations of PWA.

Web Storage APIs - Pete Lepage at Google's Web.Dev

New APIs have emerged to answer the need of a web moving from documents to applications. Pete Lepage presented at LIVE a short but thorough description of the options developers have to store and cache data on the client. The CacheStorage, StorageManager and other APIs help developers create applications with offline capabilities and performance closer to native mobile applications’.

Best Practices for Web Developers with Webhint

Weil introduced webhint as an answer to the feedback she received from hundreds of web developers while working on the Microsoft Edge dev tools: Making sites accessible, PWA-ready, with all of these sorts of up-to-the-minute best practices and latest features in place is really hard work. […] Webhint helps developers address the challenging and time-intensive parts of developing and debugging for the web.

How to Access the Camera in a PWA

Previously featured in our article detailing hardware capabilities of PWA, camera access is one of the more prominent features that we’re seeing more and more of.

How to Integrate Geolocation Into Your PWA

Detect the user’s location by using the Geolocation API, or to be more specific, by using the navigator.geolocation object within it.

Creating a Custom PWA Splash Screen - SimiCart

In this video we will creating a unique splash screen for your PWA with just a few lines of code inside your manifest.json.

PWA Manifest: Creating Your Web App Manifest the Easy Way

A properly configured web app manifest is crucial to the installation process of your PWA, as without it the whole process just isn't possible.

PWA Service Worker for Dummies

The fact of the matter is that service worker has an important role to play in the coming years, and the faster that you can familiarize yourself with this new technology, the better that you can adjust yourself to this new future of the Web. This is why that, in order to help you get to know this new technology better, together we will have a discussion about service workers—what it is, what it brings to the Web, how we can better prepare ourselves for this new technology of the Web. Essentially, what service worker does is it provides the necessary means for many of the progressive features of PWA. PWA Service Worker for Dummies

Progressive Web App (PWA) and Hardware Access

A PWA relies on Web APIs (Web Application Programming Interfaces) to access hardware features, and as a result of which, hardware access in PWA is oftentimes a hit or miss since not all browsers are the same.

PWA vs Native App: Which Suits You Better? - SimiCart

PWA is still a relatively unknown technology with unclear definition - and that’s what we’re here to find out, by comparing it to native apps.

Stefan Prodan on Progressive Delivery, Flagger, and GitOps

Topics discussed included: how progressive delivery extends the core ideas of continuous delivery; how the open source Flagger Kubernetes operator can be used to implement a progressive delivery strategy via canary releasing with an API gateway or service mesh; and the new “GitOps toolkit” that has evolved from the Flux continuous delivery operator.

Responsive Web Design and Progressive Web App (PWA): The Differences

In this article, we compare responsive web design with Progressive Web App, and find out where they really differ from each other.

The Shape Detection API Detects Faces, Barcodes, and Text in Images.

The Shape Detection API detects faces, barcodes, and text in images. This API is part of the new capabilities project. Barcode detection has launched in Chrome 83 on certified devices with Google Play Services installed. Face and text detection are available behind a flag. This post will be updated as the Shape Detection API evolves.

Advanced Progressive Web Apps (PWA) patterns

Learn advanced PWA recipes that combine several modern web APIs, and how companies are using them to create app-like experiences on their sites.

PWA vs Flutter: A Detailed Comparison - SimiCart

Today we’ll be having a deep dive into these two technologies—from the way they work to their real-life usage.In an effort to tell these two apart, today we’ll be having a deep dive into these two technologies—from the way they work to their real-life usage.

Selected Best Progressive Web App Frameworks in 2020 - SimiCart

A comprehensive, handpicked list of the current best PWA frameworks, with which you should find the whole framework-picking process a lot easier to manage.

Progressive Web App Tutorial: Create your first PWA

For the best learning purposes, today we’re going to create a fully functional PWA using React and Firebase.

Developing Progressive Web Apps

What if you could write a single JavaScript app and deploy it on web, iOS, and Android, while still getting all the benefits of a native app, such as fast loading, caching, offline usage, and an icon on your phone screen?