10 Best JavaScript Projects for Beginners

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9 effective project management software for your team

Is your project management becoming increasingly knotted? These best project planning tools will make your life easier. They're also completely free! Learn eve…

Buy Capstone Project and Get Original Papers Online

The benefits and additional possibilities once you buy capstone papers online. The best online writing assistance with complex projects for scholars.

10 Amazing Machine Learning Projects of 2020

So much progress in AI and machine learning happened in 2020, especially in the areas of AI-generating creativity and low-to-no-code frameworks. Check out these trending and popular machine learning projects released last year, and let them inspire your work throughout 2021.

Project Managment Kemko Manufacturing Company

Kemko Manufacturing Company is a respected brand in the manufacturing of high-quality household appliances. The firm has expanded through the accruement of other entities. However, the autonomous freedom allowed on its manufacturing plants...

ToDo App In Django Part 6: Django Static Files, Form Fields, Styling Template | CodeSnail

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ToDo App In Django Part 5: Create, Retrieve, Update And Delete Task - CRUD | CodeSnail

todo app in django part 5: create, retrieve, update, and delete task - crud operation in django, django tutorial, django forms, model forms,

ToDo App In Django Part 4: Django ORM, Python Shell, And CRUD Operation | CodeSnail

Hello internet people, welcome to the Learn Django by Doing Project Series. And we are making a todo app in Django. Hope you are enjoying it.

ToDo App In Django Part 2: Creating Model In Django For ToDo App | CodeSnail

Learn Django by Doing Project Series, django models, creating model for todo app in django, todo app in django part 2, creating model in django

ToDo App In Django Part 1: Django Installation And Setup | CodeSnail

todo app in Django part 1: django installation and setup, django tutorial series. learning django by doing projects.

Convert Color Photo To Black And White In Python | CodeSnail

Hello Internet Programmers, today we convert color photo to black and white in python.

AI Project | Artificial Intelligence Project | HR Analytics Projects | Intellipaat

🔵 Intellipaat Artificial Intelligence Course:- https://intellipaat.com/artificial-intelligence-masters-training-course/In this AI Project video, you will u...

Top TensorFlow-Based Projects That ML Beginners Should Try

On November 13, 2015, Google had open-sourced TensorFlow, an end-to-end machine learning platform. Apart from marking five years of being one of the most pop...

Introduction to LSTM Autoencoder Using Keras

LSTM autoencoder is an encoder that is used to compress data using an encoder and decode it to retain original structure using a decoder.

5 Essentials of Project Planning

As a business owner, we’re most concerned about output. Unless we’re certain about output, it’s extremely challenging to manage a budget, re...

7 Types Of Generative Models For Your Next Machine Learning Project

Generative models have gained much popularity in recent years. In this article, we discuss seven types of generative models

Guide To Automatic Feature Engineering Using AutoFeat

In this article, I’ll be discussing the aspects of using AutoFeat, steps involved and its implementation with a real-world dataset.

Being Tony Stark: How To Build A Voice Assistant Of Your Own?

This article focuses on developing a customizable voice assistant of our own which can work as per your desires and requirements.

My Fun Project With OpenCV - Finding Waldo Game

Finding waldo is a popular game where the goal is to find a named Waldo among hundreds of people. Let's automate this process.

A Fun Project On Building A Face-Swapping Application With OpenCV - AIM

The concept behind face swap is to detect certain points on the face and then replace it with the swapping image using Python and Opencv.