Learn Transfer Learning for Deep Learning by implementing the project.

Project walk-through on Convolution neural networks using transfer learning. From 2 years of my master’s degree, I found that the best way to learn concepts is by doing the projects.

How NOT to Build a Data Science Project

The mistakes I have made along the way, and how you can avoid them in your next project. I knew I was doing something wrong. I had built up a repertoire of interesting, practical projects. I had a couple of online courses to showcase what I had learnt. I even built a portfolio website to showcase all my projects and articles (which you can access here).

The Most Important Mindhack for the Data Science Aspirant

In order to improve as a student of the data world, realise that everybody around you is an able mentor. You have finished working on your first data science project. It’s simple, but works. You are amazed by how much you have learnt while working on it. Now, you wish to share your work to the rest of the world. So, you begin writing a blog.

How to Learn From Academic Projects

Pro Tip: Stop submitting low quality projects at college. “Companies will want to see the work you have done, other than what you did as a part of the curriculum”. These were the words of a “placement teacher” at my institution. This was his subtle way of letting us know that the projects done for the grades didn’t mean much to an employer. I do not know if this is how it is everywhere.