Popular Datasets For Neural Textual Entailment With Implementation In PyTorch & Tensorflow

Textual entailment is a technique that endeavors to perceive whether one sentence can be inferred from another sentence.

Top TensorFlow-Based Projects That ML Beginners Should Try

This article lists some interesting TensorFlow projects, in no particular order, which enthusiasts can try their hands on.

Creating Software Engineering Projects — A Structural Approach

The structured design approach helps developers deal with the size and ... The Structured approach is usually associated with projects that have the following ... For example, an end user creating their own solution to a problem, may follow ( in ... Thus, a structure chart is an important document developed during this phase.

4 Steps to Actually Finish your Side Project

We’ve all seen the graveyard of abandoned projects folders. Desperately competing for attention but failing in the glow of a new adventure or app that will change the world. I use to do that all the time, now I finished 4 apps, and 2 other projects within the last year by applying the following steps.

Graphs, Gradients, and Groupby

Image by author. Graphs, Gradients, and Groupby. What my first major Data Science project has taught me.

What Can You Do With Python’s Time Module?

In this article, we will explore time module in detail. We will learn to use different time-related functions defined in the time module with the help you test your programs and make them more robust.

Top 8 AI-Blockchain Projects One Must Know

AI and blockchain are two of the most trending techniques in the present scenario, when combined can provide some robust outcomes.

What is Perspective Warping ? | OpenCV and Python

A step-by-step guide to apply perspective transformation on images. Today, let’s see how we can implement a simple yet helpful technique known as Perspective Projection to warp an image.

Beginner Coding Project: Python & Harry Potter

We will use Python, a popular programming language, to draw a symbol any Harry Potter fan will recognize: the Deathly Hallows. We'll walk you through all of the steps below!

10 Python Projects in 10 Lines of Code

Who is @xiaowuc2. Contribute to xiaowuc2/xiaowuc2 development by creating an account on GitHub.

What is Perspective Warping ? | OpenCV and Python

What is Perspective Warping ? | OpenCV and Python. A step-by-step guide to apply perspective transformation on images

Build Your First Raspberry Pi Server

You see so many websites and sometimes you ask yourself how are those pages made? Where are those websites located? It would be cool to have one as well.

Does Python Skills Equal Getting a Coding Job?

Does Python Skills Equal Getting a Coding Job? Python is one of the most popular programming languages. It is easy to pick up and begin with the basics.

A Game to Boost Your Java Object Oriented Programming Skills

This is a simple black screen console game where first the program will automatically generate a random number, and all the players who play the game here will continue to guess the number one by one and match it with the previous program.

School Management System - Laravel 7

School Management System is a web application made with Laravel. This system aids in maintaining information regarding teachers, students and other. School Management System - Laravel 7

Why My Project Lacks Recognition On The Platforms

Imagine having a brand new car without a plate/registration number! What do you think will happen to the car? If the car is involved in negative situations for examples;

10 JavaScript Projects in 10 Hours

llenged myself to create 10 Projects in 10 Hours using Vanilla JavaScript, CSS and HTML. The session was recorded in a Live Stream on Twitch

How To Write Detailed Projects?

Writing detailed projects without having too much knowledge. Here, I’ll tell you how I managed to detail my capstone project to complete Blockchain Center’s Blockchain Enterprise Strategy Course.

My Second Blockchain Project

This was a capstone project required by Blockchain Center’s Enterprise Blockchain Strategy Course to finish the course. It was easier than I thought with teamwork even though we submitted different projects.

How to Turn an Old Arcade Machine Into a 5,000-Game Super-Machine 

If you have some basic handyman skills and an old computer lying around, you can turn an old arcade machine into a MAME arcade machine, capable of playing nearly every arcade game ever made using free PC software. The project you’re going to see is a one-off, meaning I did it once for fun, and that was it.