Consumer Psychology and Creators: What Brands Should Know

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Users Make Decisions Based on Predictable Subconscious Patterns

We like to apply labels to users: they’re irrational, lazy, unpredictable, rushed, and so on. We don't follow these patterns out of laziness or because we're scatter-brained. It's quite rational to take advantage of heuristics as a user ..

Consider This: Theomorphic Robots; Not Losing Our Religion?

Consider This: Theomorphic Robots; Not Losing Our Religion? As icons and rituals adapt to newer technologies, the rise of robotics and AI can change the way we practice and experience spirituality.

Lightning Bolt Moments: What Science Says About Radical Change

Why sweeping, sudden changes are more likely to stick. He had a “lightning bolt moment”. In an instant, he committed to making a sudden, radical change.

A Small Problem With Big Numbers

A Small Problem With Big Numbers. The human mind is exceptionally bad at interpreting large numbers.

Why I Don’t Believe in Consciousness

Why I Don’t Believe in Consciousness. I've lost friends over this because a denial of consciousness undermines a final refuge of the arrogance of selfhood: universal consciousness.

Deep Learning and the End of Social Science

The claim that AI could undermine scientific understanding, or even make it obsolete, is far from new. Deep Learning and the End of Social Science. What happens when computers know people better than they know themselves?

Finding Answers About Humans Using Data Science

As time went by in the past one year, I dived deeper into data science and later into machine learning. This series of articles is all about how I started performing data collection and analysis for one of my personal research project and the challenges I faced during the process.

How Trump’s official website misleads the user at every turn

Whenever you encounter a feature online intended to deceive or trick the end user, this is known as a dark pattern. It might be a button you can’t avoid, an intentionally hidden feature, a “limited time” discount with no end date.

Why Psychologists can be great Data Scientists

The Intersection of Psychology and Data Science. I talked about transitioning from psychology (or any social science) to data science. The focus was mostly on the skills one needed to gain to become a fully-fledged data scientist.

What Elon Musk’s Roommate Can Teach Us About Self Worth

If you’re always comparing yourself, you will never feel successful. Adeo Ressi is a wild success. In 2009, he started Founder’s Institute, a startup incubator now operating in 165 countries (I recently used one of their tools, and I live in Sweden).

Confirmation Bias Is The Enemy Of Exploratory Data Analysis

Humans have a tendency to want to prove prior beliefs and this can have devastating effects on the ability of data analyses to drive change.

Myths And Realities In The Quest For Artificial Intelligence

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) was created and used for the first time in the mid-1940s. However, it was not until 1956 that it was formally used for the first time in a small gathering attended by some psychologists, physiologists and computer scientists. Since its inception, AI has had some successes in enabling computers to…

3 Cognitive Biases You Should Learn to Recognize If You Are Entering

Taming our monkey minds takes patience and compassion. The behavioral finance literature tells us that no matter how educated, experienced, or prudent we are, we are all subject to systematic biases that influence our decision making.

This Is Your Brain On ADHD

ADHD is more common than ever, and nobody knows why. In 1997–1998, 6.1% of under-18s were diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

The 4 Things You Can Learn from Lincoln’s Mid-Life Crisis

They’ll help you through the crisis that is 2020. Nothing was going as he’d hoped. The dream of governing that had sustained Abe Lincoln through a bleak youth he now saw, at age 40, in 1849, and after a term in Congress,

Why All Data Scientists Should Understand Behavioral Economics

Understanding behavioral economics can help data scientists create better, more effective machine learning models.In1975 Herbert A. Simon was awarded the Turing Award by the Association for Computing Machinery. This award, given to “an individual selected for contributions of a technical nature made to the computing community” is considered to be the Nobel Prize for computing.

The Fight Over Free Will

There is still no peace in the war over free will. Philosophers and scientists regularly talk past each other, and it can be difficult to know exactly what someone means when they say “free will is an illusion!” or “free will is real!”.

How to Give Your Voice Depth & Why it Matters

Although, these proportions tend to change over the years because the jury is still out on this one; it is too simplistic to explain such a complex matrix but it did provide a nice framework for life coaches everywhere.

How to Build Meaningful Relationships in a Disconnected World

This is the age of information — where dissemination is rapid and accessibility is right at our fingertips. Communication has been made easier and possible with just a few taps on our smartphones.