How Capture, Save and Play Videos with Capacitor inside PWAs

In today's video we will learn how to capture, save and play videos with capacitor inside PWAs

PWAs Are Now Available for Apple Devices with iOS 12.2 (and 13 beta)

Progressive Web Apps are no longer limited to Android users, but can be now accessed by iPhone and iPad owners with the 12.2 (and 13 beta) iOS update and higher.

The Rising Era of Web Application Development With PWAs

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are hotly debated at the moment. What exactly are progressive web apps, and what are their advantages over native apps?

Lessons To Learn From the SBA E-Tran Website Crash

Websites crashing under increased demand are still a thing. There are common reasons why sites and systems go down. The recent SBA crash can serve as a lesson. Social distancing has created unprecedented demand for online government systems.

iOS App Clips - Good? Why PWAs Are a Better Solution

Apple announced a new feature at WWDC 2020 to reduce the friction of iPhone app installs, App Clips. PWAs have had this capability for years, which is right for you?

Top 10 Web Developer Blogs in 2020

Top blogs by real humans about web development to read in 2020.This is a different article for me since I usually write technical articles about React, PWAs, or web performance. Ever since I started writing this blog, I started looking around for other blogs that produce high-quality content that interests me.

Progressive Web Apps or Native Apps, Tips to choose the best for your app in 2020

Progressive Web Apps or Native Apps, if you are in a dilemma of selecting the better one for your requirements these pointers will help make an informed decision.

Adaptive icon support in PWAs with maskable icons

Maskable icons are a new icon format that give you more control and let your Progressive Web App use adaptive icons. By supplying a maskable icon, your icon can look great on all Android devices.

Integrate PWAs into native sharing UIs with Workbox

How to register routes in Workbox so that your Progressive Web App shows up in system-level sharing UIs, alongside native apps.