Top 5 Programming Languages to learn in 2021

Python programmers are in high demand as Python is predominantly used for developing desktop GUI applications, websites, and web applications..

Automate Code Formatting in Python

Code reviews are a great way to learn. Letting automation handle minutiae like code style leaves more time for devs to look at the bigger aspects of the code.

Pipenv and Requests Author Kenneth Reitz Interview

Kenneth Reitz is a well-known software engineer, international keynote speaker, and open-source advocate who also focuses on photography and music production.

Building a Smart Chatbot with Dialogflow

We talked about how to build AI and rule based chatbots in Python. In this blog, we’ll be taking you through how to build a simple AI chatbot using Google’s DialogFlow.

How To Check Datatype In Python

Python type() is a method that returns a class type of the argument(object) passed as parameter. The type() function is mostly used for debugging purposes.

How To Convert Python String To List and List To String

How To Convert Python String To List and List To String. We will see Python split() method, Python ast module's literal.eval(), and json.loads() method.

Python File: How To Write File In Python with Example

Python has two inbuilt function called write() and writelines() to write a file.

How To Write File In Python | Python File Operations

Python provides an inbuilt function write() and writelines() function to write file. You will see how to write File In Python Tutorial With Example.

Complete Guide to Develop an Interface Using Tkinter Python GUI Toolkit

Tkinter provides GUI based widgets and functions which create a visually appealing and highly creative application in a few lines of codes. AGraphical User Interface allows the user to interact with the application created on different platforms.

Complete Guide to Mahotas Python Library for Image Processing

Processing an image in order to derive some meaningful information from the image is known as image processing. It can be called a scientific study where we apply different methods or functions on images to find out what are its different features. We can enhance the image or degrade the image in order to extract unique features.

Different Styles Of Print Statements In Python Programming

Print statement is used to send the output to the computer screen. The message can be string or any other objects. To print the string, we have to use the print () Function and inside the double quotes (“”) just enter the string you want to print

Top 10 development environments for python programming

What is the development environment? The development environment provides an interface and convenient view for the development process. It helps to write, build, test, and debug programs.

How to Make the Cutest Chart in Python - Visualize your data with hand-drawn Charts

In this tutorial, I would like to introduce a very cool Python hand-painted style visualization package: cutecharts. How to Make the Cutest Chart in Python - Visualize your data with hand-drawn Charts

Top 10 Best Books for Python Programming

Starting out with Python? Books are going to be your most reliable way to do so. Let's find out the best books for Python programming today that will help

Why you should Don't Use “+” to Join Strings in Python

A comparison of the approaches for joining strings in Python, using “+” and join() method. In this article, I’ll introduce what’s the differences between these two approaches and why you should not use +.

The Basic Syntax of Map, Lambda and Filter functions in Python

In this post, we’ll be covering the basic syntax of each and walking through some examples to familiarize yourself with using Lambda, map, and filter functions in Python