Reinforcement Learning

An Anology Between Animals And Computers. Below is a very famous video by Matthias Wandel. He is making different types of mazes and is observing the mice while they were exploring different mazes. The mouse is learning intelligent behavior in complex dynamic environments.

Basics of Reinforcement Learning (with example)

Machine Learning has provided various formulations to solve problems. Reinforcement learning is the third paradigm of machine learning after supervised and unsupervised learning. Here, the objective is to develop and learn by mistakes

Q-Learning Made Simple

Anyone that plays video games knows the immense frustration that arises from repeatedly losing. It requires extreme determination and focus to continue playing the same level over and over, attaining in-game levels or equipment to increase the...

Test and Tuning of Reinforcement Learning Agent in Q-Learning Project

In this Artificial Intelligence Tutorial, we are going to Test and Tune the Reinforcement Learning Agent that we have implemented in the previous videos. We will see how to get the data from C++ and plot it in Python using Matplotlib.

Deep Q-Learning Tutorial: minDQN

A Practical Guide to Deep Q-Networks .Deep Q-Learning Tutorial: minDQN

Accelerating Information Propagation in Hindsight Experience Replay

This article discusses why this class of problem is particularly difficult, how the HER algorithm works, how it alleviates aspects of the problem, some aspects of the problem it doesn’t address, and how we can go further to improve performance on those.

Reinforcement Learning for Beginners: Q-learning and SARSA

Reinforcement Learning for Beginners: Q-learning and SARSA. Reinforcement learning is a fast-moving field. Many companies are realizing the potential of RL.

Reinforcement Learning for Beginners: Q-learning and SARSA

Reinforcement learning is a fast-moving field. Many companies are realizing the potential of RL. Recently, Google’s DeepMind success in training RL agent AlphaGo to defeat the world Go Champion is just astounding.

Table-Based Q-Learning in Under 1KB

Table-Based Q-Learning in Under 1KB: Q-learning is an algorithm in which an agent interacts with its environment and collects rewards for taking desirable actions.

Dynamic Programming to Artificial Intelligence: Q-Learning

Dynamic Programming to Artificial Intelligence: Q-Learning. A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is overfitting.

Reinforcement Learning: Using Q-Learning to Drive a Taxi!

After more than 2 months without publish, I returned! Now, I wanna divide with you my last experiences studying Reinforcement Learning.

Teaching a computer how to play Snake with Q-Learning

Exploring reinforcement learning with a game of snake. I recently watched AlphaGo — The Movie, a documentary about DeepMind’s AlphaGo. AlphaGo is an AI that plays the game Go.

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Video Games Made Easy

Deep Q-Networks have revolutionized the field of Deep Reinforcement Learning, but the technical prerequisites for easy experimentation have barred newcomers until now.

NAF: Normalized Advantage Function — DQN for Continuous Control Tasks

Q-Learning and difficulties with continuous action space.For this kind of problem, the agent has a discrete set of possible actions to take. Whereas an action can only be taken or not taken. Certainly, this limits the scope of applicability. Because a wide range of problems, arguably the majority, deal with continuous action space problems!

Reinforcement Learning : Q-Learning

Introduction to Q-Learning from scratch, we’ll illustrate how this technique works by introducing a robot example where a reinforcement learning agent tries to maximize points. So, let’s get to it!

Paper Summary: Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning

This paper presents a deep reinforcement learning model that learns control policies directly from high-dimensional sensory inputs.

Playing Connect 4 with Deep Q-Learning

Playing Connect 4 with Deep Q-Learning - Exploring the power of Reinforcement Learning through a well-known game environment