Tests Automation with Examples: 'Click' Button Method in Selenium

One of the most fundamental and crucial interactions while Selenium automation testing is done by automating click operations over elements on a web page. We facilitate the click interaction using a method called Selenium.click(). Selenium click...

Measure Your Test Automation Maturity

Feel free to grade your team's maturity through my research. By the end of the article, you'll have your Test Automation Maturity Level.

How TestFort Managed to Transition to Remote Work Ever So Smoothly

In this article we wanted to tell you about how we quickly and successfully adapted our workflows, communication, and other routines to the COVID-19 self-isolation measures. The pandemic has truly reshaped [remote...

Software Testing Is a Zero-Sum Game - DZone DevOps

I will talk in more detail about what that generic test resource is but think of it as a bucket. Each test you make adds water to that bucket.

Testing Iceberg - DZone Performance

Anyone has searched for information about the subject will have come across the famous "Testing Pyramid" more than once.

Outsourcing Software Development Company. QA Outsourcing | QArea

QArea is an outsourcing software development company with 18 years of experience in developing custom software solutions — from website development to testing and building complex enterprise software solutions. QArea provides full-cycle software development outsourcing services.

Reasoning Using Modular Neural Networks

The basic idea behind Modularity is that: The best approach to your complex challenge isn’t performing one giant task, but a system of separate and mostly-independent sub-tasks working together towards one big goal. Here's an innovative solution to address question answering AI tasks.

Bagyatech - Online Training

Online Training

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence shapes the Future of Test Automation

AI and ML are transforming our daily lives in many ways. With the help of ML and AI in automation testing, there will be numerous advantages such as an increase in test coverage, improvement in accuracy, and faster product delivery. Here's five methods AI can change software automation testing.

22–25 мая, онлайн: конференция «Стачка-2020»

Более 200 докладов в 30 разных секциях. Всего 6 крупных направлений: разработка, диджитал, карьера и образование, тренды, менеджмент и IT и государство.

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Software Testing Solutions by TestFort, QA Testing Company: Web Application Testing, Mobile Application Testing, Desktop Application Testing, Website Testing, Software Testing Documentation, Internet of Things Testing, Cloud Solutions Testing, Game Testing, Blockchain Testing

Regression Testing Services | TestFort - Regression Testing Company

Regression testing helps to avoid risks associated with a software product modification, including its optimization, redesign, or functionality changes. Using regression testing we ensure that the initial code will not be broken by a program extension, optimization, or the implementation of new software features.

Lucas Fernandes da Costa —Computability, types, tests, and why flat earthers are bad at QA

Ближайшая конференция — HolyJS 2020 Piter 22-25 июня, Online Подробности и билеты: https://bit.ly/hollyJS2020 . When an apple hit Newton’s head, he couldn’t ...

| Lunchtime Sessions | Becoming a Modern Test Leader - QA Babble

QA Babble is organised by Woodrow Mercer and presented on YouTube by Pusher. Baptism of Fire - Becoming a Modern Test Leader with Simon Prior Having been in

Software Testing – Is It Time To Fire Your QA Team?

Traditionally, for software development and software testing teams that are part of larger organizations, they go through a more rigid process when developing and ultimately deploying their code into production, versus ones that follow a more...

Testing Within CI/CD - QA Babble

This talk was given as part of a live-stream with QA Babble, presented by Woodrow Mercer. Testing Without the Safety Net - Tom McCrawley Lots of people have

Testing Within CI/CD | Lunchtime Sessions | QA Babble

QA Babble is organised by Woodrow Mercer and presented on YouTube by Pusher. Testing Without the Safety Net - Tom McCrawley Lots of people have heard of CI/C



Data driven testing using karate DSL

In the previous blog, we saw that we can integrate our test cases with Jenkins. Now, in this blog, we will see how we can achieve data-driven testing using kara

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Software Testing and QA outsourcing services by TestFort QA Company. The company of your choice will bring the best possible result in case outsourced team has a solid background in whatever service you order.