LiteIDE: A Simple, Open Source, Cross-platform Go IDE



LiteIDE is a simple, open source, cross-platform Go IDE.


Core features

  • System environment management
  • MIME type management
  • Configurable build commands
  • Support files search replace and revert
  • Quick open file, symbol and commands
  • Plug-in system
  • Integrated terminal

Advanced code editor

  • Code editor supports Golang, Markdown and Golang Present
  • Rapid code navigation tools
  • Syntax highlighting and color scheme
  • Code completion
  • Code folding
  • Display save revision
  • Reload file by internal diff way

Golang support

  • Support Go1.18
  • Support Go1.11 Go modules
  • Support Go1.5 Go vendor
  • Support Go1 GOPATH
  • Golang build environment management
  • Compile and test using standard Golang tools
  • Custom GOPATH support system, IDE and project
  • Custom project build configuration
  • Golang package browser
  • Golang class view and outline
  • Golang doc search and api index
  • Source code navigation and information tips
  • Source code find usages
  • Source code refactoring and revert
  • Integrated gocode clone of nsf/gocode
  • Integrated gomodifytags
  • Support source query tools guru
  • Debug with GDB and Delve

Supported Systems

  • Windows x86 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Linux x86 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • MacOS X10.6 or higher (64-bit)
  • FreeBSD 9.2 or higher (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • OpenBSD 5.6 or higher (64-bit)

Latest Release Supported Platform Details

  • Windows
    • -> WindowsXP, Windows 7 8 10
    • -> WindowsXP, Windows 7
  • macOS
    • -> macOS 10.8 or higher
  • Linux x64
    • liteide-latest.linux-64-qt4.tar.bz2 -> Linux (64 bit) build on ubuntu 16.04
    • liteide-latest.linux-64-qt5.tar.bz2 -> Linux (64 bit) build on ubuntu 16.04
  • Linux x32
    • liteide-latest.linux-32-qt4.tar.bz2 -> Linux (32 bit) build on ubuntu 16.04
    • liteide-latest.linux-32-qt5.tar.bz2 -> Linux (32 bit) build on ubuntu 16.04
  • ArchLinux
    • -> ArchLinux (64 bit) PKGBUILD

LiteIDE Command Line

liteide [files|folder] [--select-env id] [--local-setting] [--user-setting] [--reset-setting]

--select-env [system|win32|cross-linux64|...]     select init environment id
--local-setting   force use local setting
--user-setting    force use user setting
--reset-setting   reset current setting ( clear setting file)    

Update liteide tools for support new Golang Version

go get -u
go get -u

Windows/Linux: copy GOPATH/bin gotools and gocode to liteide/bin
MacOS: copy GOPATH/bin gotools and gocode to



New Home Page

Author: Visualfc
Source Code: 
License: LGPL-2.1 license

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LiteIDE: A Simple, Open Source, Cross-platform Go IDE
Waylon  Bruen

Waylon Bruen


Qt binding for Go (support for Windows / macOS / Linux / Android)


Qt is a free and open-source widget toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces as well as cross-platform applications that run on various software and hardware platforms with little or no change in the underlying codebase.

Go, also known as Golang, is a programming language designed at Google.

therecipe/qt allows you to write Qt applications entirely in Go, JavaScript/TypeScript, Dart/Flutter, Haxe and Swift

Beside the language bindings provided, therecipe/qt also greatly simplifies the deployment of Qt applications to various software and hardware platforms.

At the time of writing, almost all Qt functions and classes are accessible, and you should be able to find everything you need to build fully featured Qt applications.


Gallery of example applications.

JavaScript Demo | source


The following instructions assume that you already installed Go and Git

(Experimental) cgo-less version (try this first, if you are new and want to test the binding)


go get -ldflags="-w" && for /f %v in ('go env GOPATH') do %v\bin\widgets.exe


go get -ldflags="-w" && $(go env GOPATH)/bin/widgets

Default version

Windows (more info)

set GO111MODULE=off
go get -v && for /f %v in ('go env GOPATH') do %v\bin\qtsetup test && %v\bin\qtsetup -test=false

macOS (more info)

export GO111MODULE=off; xcode-select --install; go get -v && $(go env GOPATH)/bin/qtsetup test && $(go env GOPATH)/bin/qtsetup -test=false

Linux (more info)

export GO111MODULE=off; go get -v && $(go env GOPATH)/bin/qtsetup test && $(go env GOPATH)/bin/qtsetup -test=false


Deployment Targets

TargetArchLinkageDocker DeploymentHost OS
Windows32 / 64dynamic / staticYesAny
Linuxarm / arm64 / 64dynamic / static / systemYesAny
Android (+Wear)arm / arm64dynamicYesAny
Android-Emulator (+Wear)32dynamicYesAny
Raspberry Pi (1/2/3)armdynamic / systemYesAny
Ubuntu Toucharm / 64systemYesAny
FreeBSD32 / 64systemNoFreeBSD

Author: Therecipe
Source Code: 
License: LGPL-3.0 License

#go #golang #android #windows #macos 

Qt binding for Go (support for Windows / macOS / Linux / Android)

Qt 6 Improves QML, Adopts C++17, and More

Qt 6 is a new major release of Qt, the free and open-source, cross-platform toolkit for creating GUI apps that powers Linux’s KDE desktop environment. While striving to keep full source compatibility, Qt 6 brings many changes, including improved QML, a new graphic architecture, C++17 support, improved tooling, and more.

Qt 6 keeps its adherence to the usual Qt tenets, including cross-platform support, scalability across multiple form factors, maintainability and compatibility with previous versions.

#cross platform #qt #c++ 17 #macos #linux #gui #windows #development #news

Qt 6 Improves QML, Adopts C++17, and More
Rahul  Hickle

Rahul Hickle


OpenCV with GStreamer and QT on Windows

In this article, a step by step guide is provided for building OpenCV from source with GStreamer, QT , OpenCV contrib and CUDA packages. At the end of the tutorial, we will develop a GStreamer pipeline using OpenCV to stream webcam to localhost, receive the data and show the stream using GStreamer-CLI. In the next section, we will download the source files and install the required tools for building OpenCV with GStreamer.

#gstreamer #opencv #qt #development #programming

OpenCV with GStreamer and QT on Windows