A Docker file Template for Rails app

I wanted to find a way to improve the on-boarding process of new developers joining my team and to improve the day to day life of my team’s “legacy” developers. At that time, everyone had to manage different Ruby versions for different projects, manage different environment variables, and so on. You can imagine how painful could have been such a process for a new developer in the team so, I started looking around for possible solutions. A simple and easy to use Docker file template for Rails applications

Run RSpec files on Github Actions with parallel jobs use auto split of the spec file

Splitting your CI build jobs between multiple machines running in parallel is a great way to make your CI testing fast, which results in more time for building features. Github Actions allows running parallel jobs easily. In a previous article, we explained how you can use Knapsack Pro to split your RSpec test files efficiently between parallel jobs on GitHub Actions. Today we’d like to show how to address the problem of slow test files negatively impacting the whole build times.

Django Vs Ruby on Rails: Which One to Choose? And When? - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Selecting the best technology is an important step for web development as it decides how your website and app will perform. There are a lot of web development frameworks and technologies available in the market and hence many entrepreneurs and freelancers get confused to choose the best from a large

How To Upload and Display Images Trough IBM Cloud with Rails 6

This is a tutorial about how we can implement IBM Cloud Storage in our Ruby on Rails 6 projects. We can upload images and manage these assets with Rails. In this tutorial we are going to build a simple app. We can upload a kitty photo and vote for that photo (this tutorial only includes the part of creating a new Rails app, configuring it to save our photo on the cloud, and showing it on an image tag; the design and the part for the photo will be included in the app but is not shown in this tutorial).

Advanced Rails · Matt Layman

A book review of 'Advanced Rails'. Technology books are more like milk than wine. They don’t get better with age. Brad Ediger’s Advanced Rails is fairly well written and provides lots of details, but much of the information is outdated. Ruby on Rails has changed. The plugin ecosystem of Ruby gems has changed. Even the underlying Ruby language has changed.

Using AWS EventBridge to Clean Up Your Service-Oriented Architecture: An Overview

An overview of how to leverage EventBridge to integrate your Rails application. My employer recently set me out on a project to figure out a way to move configuration data from one legacy Rails app to another different Rails API, with disparate data models. Of course, there are many ways to do this, but as someone who has been the victim (and instigator of) unnecessary service-oriented architecture design, we wanted to avoid standing up a separate service to achieve these goals.

How To Install Ruby On Rails On Ubuntu 20.04

Ruby on Rails® simply known as Rails, is an open-source web application framework written in Ruby that helps you create highly powerful web sites and applications. This post will help you to install Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu 20.04 using two methods:

Centralized Logging: Parse Key-Value Logs With FluentD

Extract key-value pairs from log lines using the FluentD parser. In my previous blog posts, I explained how to use FluentD to parse and ship logs to a centralized logging server (EFK stack), Parse multi-line logs for Rails applications, and provided an overview of some of the most used plugins for parsing logs with FluentD.

How to Build a Rails API with JWT

Set up your user auth using JavaScript Web Tokens for improved security. This is a guide on creating and setting up a Rails API application from scratch. How to Build a Rails API with JWT

Programming Note on Rails Backend and React Frontend With Example

One thing I realized as a programmer is that, we try to avoid repetition in our code, but we repetitively go to the same website to check the exact same syntax many many times. In this post, you'll see Programming Note on Rails Backend and React Frontend With Example

Dockerizing Rails - RubgSG

Dockerizing Rails - RubgSG. How to dockerize a Rails application?

RailsConf 2020 CE - Building a Rails Controller From Scratch by Alex Kitchens

Building a Rails Controller From Scratch by Alex Kitchens If you replaced ActionController with an implementation of your own, what would you have to build to get your app working again? In this talk, we'll do just that. We'll see how the controller interacts with the router to receive a request, process it, and return a response.

America’s Next Top Model View Controller

At the heart of web application creation is the MVC design pattern. MVC stands for Model, View, and Controller. Essentially, it is the accepted paradigm by which we model our applications. This pattern is used by many programming languages, like Python, JavaScript, C#, and my first (and only, so far) experience with it was through Ruby/Rails, which is what this article is based on!

The ‘SameSite’ Issue With Rails 4.2.0 in Chrome

Cross-site request with ‘SameSite=None’. SameSite is the new recommended way to keep your website secure. It’d make CSRF even more secure. The SameSite attribute allows servers to assert that a cookie shouldn’t be sent along with cross-site requests. This change provides some protection against cross-site request-forgery attacks.

Getting Really Good at Rails :joins

If you’re intimidated by :joins then fear not, this article will break down a step-by-step guide for understanding and using them.The main motivation behind joins is to efficiently load data. With joins you can significantly reduce the time it takes to select records that fit the criteria you are looking for.

The simplest way to understand Associations in Rails

As someone who’s new to Rails with no prior experience, I’d like to share with you how I came to understand this tricky concept when…developing Rails applications. I’ll go over some keywords that you might have seen and tried to use and give examples on how to effectively use Rails Associations.

Webpacker gem provide "it-just-works" webpack integration with Rails?

How does the Webpacker gem provide "it-just-works" webpack integration with Rails? That simplicity did not come easily. The rich functionality, complexity, and rapid evolution of the webpack ecosystem necessitated extension points beyond a simple Ruby config file.

How to Upload Files in a React and Rails App

In this guide, we will cover how to upload images/videos in a React application. For the server, we will be setting up a Rails API to store the information of the image/video. For the actual storage of image/video, we will be including a third-party service called [Cloudinary](https://cloudinary.com/). It is a cloud-based image and video management platform.

Using Bootstrap with Webpacker in Rails 6

Step by step integrate Bootstrap with Webpacker in Rails 6

How to Build Apps with Docker and Heroku

In this post, you’re going to learn to develop apps inside Docker, and deploy to Heroku by building a simple Rails/PostgreSQL note-taking app.