Testing React Apps that use React Router

Learn about the syntax to get you started testing React Router with your React app. So your React app, like a lot of modern apps, uses React Router to get users from one page to another. And you, like any thorough tester, want to account for React Router in your testing.

Making a Video Game Search App with RAWG API, React, Fetch, and Hooks

In this tutorial, we will learn how to make a Video Game Search App with RAWG API, React, Fetch, and Hooks. My goal in making the app was to practice with React Router and hooks. Now let’s get started!

Use Authentication To Protect React Routes

You read the title, and you know why you’re here! Want use authentication to make protected react routes in 2020? Let’s go!

How to Handle Routing in Your React Application

Everything You Need to Know about React Routing. Learn how to use routing in your React application. React Router making the UI and the URL of the application in sync. React Router allows you to handle routing declaratively.

Modelling A Credit Card Payment Portal Using React, Redux And Formik

In the following article, we’ve discussed the procedure to create a credit card payment portal using React-router and Context API.

A Complete Beginner's Guide to React Router

Learn how to use client-side routing in your React web applications. React Router is the standard for client-side routing in a React application. We will go through some of the main components of React Router and set up routing for a basic web application. For beginners, I hope this can help you to use React Router in your app. For experienced users, I hope this can be a nice refresher.

Client-Side Routing with Firebase

Client-Side Routing with Firebase. Create protected routes using React Router and Firebase Authentication. React Router is a tool that allows you to handle routes in a web app instead of handling them on a server. How do I create a protected route in React? How do I tie this to Firebase Authentication? How do I add multiple pages to my single page application?

How To Pass Props to Components Inside React Router

It would be really nice to be able to send information about our current user to the articles component. Instead of using a component prop inside this route we can use the render prop instead, which takes a function. Inside the function, we can add a new prop to our component.

Dynamic Routes With React

Recently I have been finding myself building larger websites that require some full-stack functionality. Rather than displaying a list of items inside a single route, I was needing to create routes for each item.

How to Get Started With React Router, In-Depth Explanation With Project

In react you can easily implement navigation using a package called React Router.

Things I Have Learned While Building Projects With React

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming language for front end developer, and it is part of the fundamentals to learning a tech stack. But just learning JavaScript is not enough, most of the time when programmers work on a project, we need to use some kind of frameworks to back up the vanilla JavaScript.

A Guide to using React Router v6 in React Apps

React Router v6 is still in beta. Learn how to create routes using the React Router v6 library. This tutorial is going to give you a peek into some of the new features the library is coming out with.

Simple Breadcrumbs in React with Reach-Router [Tutorial]

One of the things that you end up developing in one point or in the other is a breadcrumbs navigation system. I've seen some posts across the web touting how to achieve it in React and Reach Router by providing complex looping mechanisms. In this post, I show you a simpler, non loop way that displays breadcrumbs in Reach-Router.

What’s New In React Router 6

Is it worth upgrading? React Router is by far the most popular library in the React ecosystem. According to npm, it is downloaded about 3.6 million times a week.

Basics of React Router v4

Getting started with React Router v4 and basic concepts of application design using nested routes. Since React (ReactJS) is just a view library, it’s really hard for us - end users to find suitable modules to add different capabilities to our application which works seemingly well with React. Angular on other hand ships some of these things right out the box like HTTP module, Router module, Animation module etc., but that’s a very different story, not that I have a problem with React.

How to Add React Router to your React App

React-router is a tool that can be implemented on top of a React application. React, by itself, does not dictate anything about routing. Routing can sync the application with the URL along with the navigation features offered by the browser such as the address bar and navigation buttons enhancing the capabilities of your React application. React router offers a way to write your code so that specific components are rendered only if the route matches what is defined. In this guide, we will cover how we can implement react-router into your React application.

React and Vue Syntax Comparison Side by Side Part2: Router

In the last post, we have compared the syntax of React/Next.js and Vue/Nuxt.js. In this article, we are going to compare the syntax for the most famous routing library in both ecosystems — react-router and vue-router.

How to Setup React Router v5 using React Hooks

React Router library makes the navigation experience of the client in your web page application more joyful, but how?! React Router, indeed, prevent the page from being refreshed. Thus the blank page resulted from a refreshed page is not...

Driving towards a universal navigation strategy in React

A couple of lessons learned while building an app with code sharing as a primary objective.

Custom Animatable Stack Design with React Router Native

React Router Native Animate Stack .A latest React version react router native animate stack