I’ve Created a Simple Shooter Game And Got First Job (And How You Can Too)

I was at the end of my college. Had no idea what I should build first. I knew I needed something to show off my skills. My target job was a front-end developer, so the project needed to address those skills.

Several Ways to Use Async Pipes in Angular

In this article, I will explain the “Async Pipes” in Angular. Besides, we will examine the use of async pipes and their different uses on many examples here. So, actually when I started writing Angular, I used to write codes with subscribes in many components.

Subscribing to Observables in Ongoing Angular Lifecycle Hooks

How you should treat subscriptions in ongoing lifecycle hooks such as OnChanges without leading to performance issues

Angular Push Pipe, Tutorial, Usage, Performance, Zone Less

The main idea behind the push pipe is a new way of handling change detection. If all values are transported over Observables we know exactly when a value changes and could trigger the change detection.

Building an RSocket based Springboot application

In this post, we will explore three communications modes which are fire-and-forget, request-response and streaming and test with RSocket Client CLI (RSC) a postman type application but to test application over the socket.

What Is Reactive Spring?

Reactive programming is a programming paradigm that promotes an asynchronous, non-blocking, event-driven approach to data processing.

Prime Numbers as Streams, With RxJS and Go

In this article we will see a couple of different implementations of such logic, one using RxJs and Typescript, the other using Go channels as streams.

Spring Boot WebClient Cheat Sheet

WebClient is a non-blocking, reactive client to perform HTTP requests

Diving Into Reactive Microservices

What happens when reactive meets microservices? In this article, we will cover the transition from Monoliths to Service Oriented Architecture to Reactive Microservices by applying isolation techniques to the application.

An Introduction to Reactive Programming in Python

ReactiveX is a wonderful framework that allows to write event based code in a very elegant and readable way. Still, getting started in it can be challenging, and intimidating. In practice once you understand few key principles of ReactiveX, you can start writing reactive code easily.

RxJS Tips — Promises Into Observables

How you can use both RxJS Observables and async/await Promises to create resilient & clean applications. This article follows on from my previous articles startWith and flatMap vs switchMap. I like writing about RxJS. Even though I’ve spent so much time with it lately with my active projects, I still find new and exciting features that improve my development workflow.

Source Code Walkthrough of Telegram-iOS Part 2: SSignalKit

Reactive Programming in Telegram-iOS

Effective RxJS Marble Testing

In this article we will focus on three points you should be aware of to use RxJS marble tests effectively.

Advanced Level for Angular Reactive Form

A simple note that help developer walk through Angular Reactive Form which help Angular is more powerful in Enterprise Application.

Reactive and Functional Programming Design Patterns

There are many ways to generate data and use it in programming. Infinite ways. I just want to talk about two. The two ways that i am in love with.

Coroutines, Retrofit, and a nice way to handle Responses

An asynchronous programming pattern implemented with coroutines to perform “one-time fetch operations”

Road to Simplicity: Hexagonal Architecture [Part One]

Software writing taught me that: a well written software is a simple software.

Unobvious traps of Spring WebFlux

A few months ago, we started a new project. Our goal was to design a microservice which could handle many concurrent connections. We…

The Principles Behind MobX and Reactive Programming

MobX is a battle tested library that makes state management simple and scalable by transparently applying functional reactive programming.

Handle Concurrency With a Loader Indicator Service in Angular

Write an Angular loader service that tolerates concurrency. Whenever a web application performs an async task, such as an HTTP request or animated page transition, it’s a good idea to add a loader animation to improve UX by setting user expectations