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What the Future Holds for Virtual Staffing?

Whether you're looking for an AI-powered virtual assistant, Business process outsourcing, or chatbots to help with your daily tasks, it's possible that a VA could be the solution to your company's needs. While AI-powered virtual assistants and Chatbots are great, they won't replace human skills, so the future of virtual staffing lies in the human and business interaction between them.

AI-powered virtual assistants

Artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistants (IVAs) can help companies with a variety of tasks. They can improve customer support, reduce the number of calls to human agents, and process repetitive tasks so that employees can focus on more complex tasks. AI assistants can also collect and process data - traditionally, customer support data requires an analyst to sift through hours of data to find the relevant details.

Voice-assistants can break down social barriers by enabling employees to engage with customers via a conversation rather than relying on typing. Many GM Financial employees reported increased job satisfaction with the new solution, which reduced their workload and required fewer staff. With a growing number of companies conducting business online, voice-assisted customer service is the solution of choice. In fact, 79% of contact center leaders plan to invest in greater AI capabilities over the next two years.

Business process outsourcing

The practice of outsourcing company functions is known as business process outsourcing. Businesses will hire a third party to perform the tasks that do not require their core competencies. The third party can be based in the same country or a different one. Examples of non-core tasks that a virtual assistant (VA) can perform include data entry, customer service, research, graphic design, software development, and personal services. This method of outsourcing can be a highly efficient way to hire additional staff for a business.

Businesses of any size can benefit from the services provided by virtual staffing. A small restaurant, for example, has employees in the kitchen, the waiting area, and preparing drinks. These functions can be broken down into specialized tasks that require specialized skills. Virtual staffing can help this restaurant save money by bringing in qualified individuals who can perform these tasks more efficiently. The same is true for companies with large amounts of information to analyze.


AI-based chatbots can help you out with customer service. This type of technology is based on intelligent personal assistants such as Siri and Google Home. These artificial intelligence systems can understand nuances of human language, and are capable of making appointments and understanding moods. They are far more sophisticated than chatbots, which are based on architecture and models that are designed to respond to questions. Moreover, chatbots can be operated without a dedicated team.

A good chatbot should be able to use stored data to automate mundane tasks and maintain situational awareness. Additionally, bot conversations should be short and easy to understand. To achieve this, chatbots should not use graphics, and should be able to store conversation histories for further reference. If possible, users should be able to program the chatbot to respond to a question or request in multiple texts. However, bots should also be capable of storing conversations to improve their efficiency.


The cost of hiring a virtual assistant varies depending on the skillset and experience level of the individual you hire. Virtual assistants can perform a variety of administrative duties, including fielding calls after hours, generating traffic for your online storefront, and handling financial projects. Some VAs specialize in specific areas, such as invoice processing, vendor relations, and receipt transcription. These virtual assistants can also help you with general administrative tasks, such as scheduling travel and type notes and documents.

Project-based packages are often more expensive than hourly rates, as VAs may have specific skills that you don't need. If you're planning a one-off project, a VA can input contacts into your email marketing platform, craft email copy, monitor bounce-backs, and more. However, if you have a large budget, a project-based package is worth considering. You'll pay at least half of the total cost up front and the rest when the project is complete.

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What the Future Holds for Virtual Staffing?
Zac Efron

Zac Efron


3 Mistakes That Make Good Employees Leave

As per a new report, over 70% of U.S. laborers are thinking about or effectively searching for a new position.

Losing a top worker is each director's bad dream, particularly in a tight work market. Putting forth attempts to further develop representative maintenance should be high on each organization's need list.

So what makes a decent worker leave, and would it be able to be forestalled?

No Work/Life Balance

As an administrator, it's not difficult to work your best individuals the hardest. All things considered, they set forth the most energy and make you look great. Then again, the worker can feel like they are being rebuffed for their usefulness.

Be resolute about work/life balance. While it's occasionally important to answer an email or call outside of the workplace, it ought not be a propensity. We as a whole need time to re-energize. Assist your group with making an unmistakable partition among work and home. They will see that you esteem their opportunity and will return to work every day revived and all set.

(Remember that you show others how its done. Assuming you're routinely working almost to excess or shooting off messages night-time, your representatives will see that as the assumption. Deal with yourself, as well.)

Few Opportunities for Growth

Indeed, even the coolest organization advantages start to lose their allure when representatives don't feel like they are developing as an expert. Top representatives need to be enlivened and afterward get the valuable chance to follow up on that motivation. It's the supervisor's liability to keep recognizing regions in which their immediate reports can grow their range of abilities. Great administrators make due, regardless of how skilled their immediate report might be. They focus and are continuously giving criticism.

Consider executing an inside recruiting process in the event that you don't as of now have one. Show an inclination for hiring inside. This permits confided in specialists inside your association to propel their professions and progress up the stepping stool. Recruiting inside likewise definitely brings down the expense of an all out employing search.

Keeping great representatives requires steady consideration and care, similar as maintaining a business. Be mindful of the requirements of your representatives to make shared trust and regard. It is generally difficult, however the prizes are really great for business.

Lack of Communication

Absence of correspondence, under-correspondence, miscommunication… Whatever you need to call it, it's a far and wide issue. It breeds vulnerability and sabotages the certainty of good representatives. They start to re-think themselves and feel that they can't confide in one another - or their chiefs besides.

Significant correspondence isn't giving an explanation. It is a discourse intended to arrive at shared belief for the two sides. Instead of passing down in a mandate, urge your immediate reports to partake in the dynamic interaction whenever the situation allows. Be available to groundbreaking thoughts. Advance fair conversations inside your Company.

Great representatives are an interest in your organization's future, yet you don't keep them coincidentally. Deal with individuals that deal with you and watch your most significant organization venture pay off.

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3 Mistakes That Make Good Employees Leave
Aiyana  Miller

Aiyana Miller


How to Identify The Best Recruiters

Recruiters can be a great help in finding a new job or a waste of time.  To be successful, you need to develop a strong relationship with a select number of recruiters.  In this video, I'll tell you how to identify the best recruiters and build a relationship with them.  While I mainly deal with technical careers, this video applies to any discipline.


How to Identify The Best Recruiters