Animations of Logistic Regression with Python

This article is about creating animated plots of simple and multiple logistic regression with batch gradient descent in Python

Linear regression-An intuitive approach

Let’s begin with the most basic but one of the most useful algorithm’s “Linear Regression. A linear regression assumes to model a linear relationship between the input variables (x) and the output variable (y).

Python Logistic Regression - 8 Hour Full Course

Logistic Regression is an important machine learning algorithm. How to build a Simple logistic Regression in Python. In this video AI Sciences expert explains to you how to do it.

Loss Functions in Deep Learning: An Overview

Neural Network uses optimising strategies like stochastic gradient descent. We can actually compute the error by using a Loss Function

Predicting House Prices via Regression — ML Model

In this equation, β0 is the y-intercept and each value of x is a predictor variable. For beginner students, one of the most common ways to learn linear regression is by building a model to predict the price of a house based on specific features of the house. For this project, the Ames Housing Data Set was used.

An Intuitive Approach to Linear Regression

Today we will look at a simple linear regression model to grasp all of the math going on behind the scenes. We must consider the math. I’ll be honest; machine learning mathematics is difficult.

The Linear Regression Equation in a Nutshell

Regression Analysis is about predicting a value or attribute of a variable based on some other variables. And linear regression is when there is only one variable you want to predict based on another single variable.

3 Questions and 1 Prediction for Seattle AirBnB

I set out to use the AirBnB property listing datasets for Seattle in 2016 to answer 3 questions and make 1 predictive machine learning model that could be beneficial for their business

Hands-On Guide To Spline Regression

Spline regression is a non-linear regression which is used to try and overcome the difficulties of regression algorithms.

Postman Scripting Tricks

In my last two stories, I wrote about designing a regression testing solution for my organization. After running with it for a year I learned about scripting in Postman and decided to integrate Postman into my solution. In this article, I’ll share some of the things I discovered and learned during the process.

The Beginner’s Guide to Logistic Regression

In this article, I will explain the math behind the logistic regression, including how to interpret the coefficients of the logistic regression model, and explain the advantages of logistic regression over a more naive method.

Probabilistic Linear Regression with Weight Uncertainty

Implementing Bayesian linear regression to predict a car’s MPG with TensorFlow Probability. In this article, we will talk about probabilistic linear regression and how it differs from the deterministic linear regression.

Integrating Tableau and R for Regression Analyses

Integrating Tableau and R for Regression Analyses. I will walk through a sample regression analysis conducted using R code and Tableau visualizations.

Diagnose the Generalized Linear Models

In this post, I am going to briefly talk about how to diagnose a generalized linear model. The implementation will be shown in R codes.

Multinomial Models for Nominal Data

Multinomial Models for Nominal Data. Take a second look at your response variables before the multinomial modeling. The popular multinomial logistic regression is known as an extension of the binomial logistic regression model, in order to deal with more than two possible discrete outcomes.

The Consequences of Violating Linear Regression Assumptions

The Consequences of Violating Linear Regression Assumptions. How violating assumptions can impact prediction and inference

Evaluation metrics & Model Selection in Linear Regression

In this article, we shall go over the most common evaluation metrics in Linear Regression and also model selection strategies.

House price prediction using PyCaret

Pycaret is an open-source machine learning library in python to train and deploy supervised and unsupervised machine learning models in a low-code environment.

End-to-end Data Science Project: Predicting used car prices using Regression

There are two main goals I want to achieve with this Data Science Project. First, to estimate the price of used cars by taking into account a set of features, based on historical data. Second, to get a better understanding on the most relevant features that help determine the price of a used vehicle.

LightGBM for Quantile Regression

LightGBM for Quantile Regression. Understand Quantile Regression