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Hire Best Market Research Analysts | Top 10 Market Research Companies

Market Research can be defined as an attempt at understanding consumer behaviour. This involves gathering data systematically about people or companies – a market – and then analysing it to better understand the needs of that group of people/companies.

This type of research can be undertaken by the company itself or by a third-party agency specialized in market research. The procedures that are used to analyse the data collected include (but not limited to) product testing, market segmentation, advertising testing, usability testing, key driver analysis for loyalty and satisfaction, awareness and usage research, and pricing research (using techniques such as conjoint analysis).

Below are the top 10 Market Research Companies 2021:

  1. Auxano Global Services
  2. Brainbean Apps
  3. Inmind IT Solutions
  4. Copper Mobile
  5. Vantage IO
  6. Nine Hertz
  8. ARIS Vietnam
  9. Datarockets
  10. IRoninIT

1. Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services is our hands-down choice for best overall. Its wide-ranging offerings hit all the key market research needs, including both qualitative and quantitative research, subscription consumption research, as well as project-based custom research, all across a range of consumer data points in various industries all with a global reach. Auxano Global Services has the globe covered with strong professionals using a wide variety of standard and proprietary analytical techniques and tools to provide timely research with action-oriented conclusions.

2. Brainbean Apps

Brainbean Apps (BBA) is a full-cycle software company building an infrastructure behind sophisticated hardware products. BBA’s competences in IoT-related projects include: development of firmware, software, and cloud solutions, engineering the connectivity between the smart devices, quality assurance, user experience architecture and design. Company has a cross-disciplinary expertise in Consumer Electronics, particularly in the verticals of smart home appliances, health and fitness gadgets, industrial and commercial IoT. The knowledge base accumulated across the business domains enables BBA to handle even the peculiar R&D projects.

3. Inmind IT Solutions

Our search consultants have diverse working experience in the Asia Pacific region having worked in various industries at different levels of management capacities with small medium-sized to large multinationals. Industries that we have served include Automotive, Aviation, Electronics, Logistics, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Real Estates, Retail and Telecommunication.  For across industries, we cover positions in functional area like Accounting, Customer Service, Finance, Human Resource, Logistics, Marketing, Sales and Management.

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Hire Best Market Research Analysts | Top 10 Market Research Companies

Stanford Researchers Develop AI Model To Predict Wheel-Spinning Among Students

Wheel spinning is a term coined by researchers Joe Beck and Yue Gong referring to students that were repeatedly trying and failing to successfully complete a specific skill after many attempts in an intelligent tutoring system.

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Stanford Researchers Develop AI Model To Predict Wheel-Spinning Among Students

How Much Does A Machine Learning Engineer Make In India?

In 2021, the average annual salary for a ‘machine learning engineer’ in India is INR 8 lakh ($10,757), as per Glassdoor. But according to PayScale, the median salary of an ML engineer stands at INR 6.8 lakh per year($9,382).

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How Much Does A Machine Learning Engineer Make In India?

Can Machines Imitate Human Tactile Processes?

Earlier this year, a contestant named Dr Fill won the 2021 American Crossword puzzle tournament. What made this win especially interesting was that Dr Fill was not a human being. Instead, it is an artificially intelligent machine and is now considered among the world’s best puzzle solvers. Despite not being allowed to keep the prize money, Dr Fill’s performance does tell us one important truth: artificial intelligence and machines are getting increasingly creative and human-like. Today, we see AI performing various human activities– ranging from picking up how we speak to helping other people take care of themselves.

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Can Machines Imitate Human Tactile Processes?

Top 10 ML Papers On Papers With Code

Papers With Code is the go-to resource for the latest SOTA ML papers, code, results for discovery and comparison. The platform consists of 4,995 benchmarks, 2,305 tasks, and 49,190 papers with code.

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Top 10 ML Papers On Papers With Code

10 Useful Resources To Access AI/ML Research

Every month, thousands of new research papers appear on the internet. Finding the right research papers for your research work or machine learning experiments is challenging.

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10 Useful Resources To Access AI/ML Research

MIT Researchers Develop Single Deep Neural Network For Autonomous Vehicles

Rapidly developing sensor technology and software processing has enabled autonomy for trucks — improving fleet operations by decreasing downtime, reducing personnel costs, crashes and fatalities. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global autonomous trucks market is expected to reach $2,013.34 million growing at a CAGR of 12.6 percent by 2027.

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MIT Researchers Develop Single Deep Neural Network For Autonomous Vehicles
Nigel  Uys

Nigel Uys


WebAssembly Developers Lust for Rust and AssemblyScript (But Not Go)

WebAssembly (WASM) has captured everybody’s attention because it allows developers to write code in their high-level language of choice and is  platform agnostic. The recently released  The State of WebAssembly 2021 shows that Rust is far and away that choice, but what other languages will be used by the next generation of WASM development?

According to a 249-person poll by the  WebAssembly Weekly newsletter and its broader community, 69% of WASM developers have some experience using Rust for WebAssembly development. Some combinations of C++ or  Emscripten are utilized by 51% of those surveyed, followed by 35% using  AssemblyScript, a language created for WASM that compiles a variant of TypeScript. About half the survey had more than two years of experience using WASM.

Going forward, Rust does even better — 60% want to use it a lot for WASM development and another 18% plan to use it to some extent in the future. AssemblyScript surpasses the other languages with 56% of respondents having some plans for it. AssemblyScript is interesting because of the big names that are sponsoring the project, which includes  Fastly and  Shopify as well as groups like  NEAR,  ChainSafe, and  The Graph that are involved with some of the best known involved with some of the best know decentralized protocols.

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WebAssembly Developers Lust for Rust and AssemblyScript (But Not Go)
Royce  Reinger

Royce Reinger


CDN Providers Rival Hyperscale Clouds for Web Developers Deploying Jamstack

Technologists, investors and journalists continue to be in awe of the possibilities that a  great unbundling or  decoupling that next-generation web development could bring. They should also pay attention to how content delivery network (CDN) providers are packaging edge and function-related services to compete against the cloud computing giants.

Compared to serverless studies in  2018 and  2020, the recently released  “State of the Jamstack 2021” report suggests that platforms aimed at web developers have actually gotten traction. This makes us believe that the surveyed developers are not just early adopters, but instead are willing to work with a whole new set of service providers.

The study asked 529  Jamstack developers where they typically host and deploy their projects, Microsoft Azure was only cited by 29% as compared to 37% in the equivalent 2020 survey, while  Amazon Web Services (AWS) fell from 34% to 25%. For some reason, Google Cloud was not asked about. Meanwhile,  Cloudflare found uptake by 27% when it was added to the latest version of the questionnaire. All those respondents are probably not using  Cloudflare Pages, which is aimed at the Jamstack use case because DNS and CDN are just a couple of the more prominent services among the company’s 36 product lineup.

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CDN Providers Rival Hyperscale Clouds for Web Developers Deploying Jamstack
Ray  Patel

Ray Patel


Collecting, transforming and cleaning JSTOR metadata in Python

A simple guide into parsing meta-data from JSTOR data for research database using the ElementTree XML.

JSTOR database is one of the leading sources of research articles in more than 50 disciplines of science. In Data for Research section, researchers can access datasets for use in research and teaching about the articles and books released in the library. Data available through the service include metadata, n-grams, and word counts for most articles, book chapters, research reports, and pamphlets on JSTOR. However, the output of the data requests are not simple csv. or txt. documents, but XML files that require some processing and cleaning to work effectively with the data. In R, the package Jstor, released in the mid of 2020, made the whole process far simpler.

To make accessing larger volumes of data for data scientists and researchers easier, in this article, I show the python code for parsing the XML outputs, explain the process of collecting the data from JSTOR data for research database, and show a nice application of this type of data.

Collecting data

Data transformation

Data cleaning

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Collecting, transforming and cleaning JSTOR metadata in Python



Submit Research Paper For Publication

It is quiet important to take reference of any research article before beginning your research. By this you
can better knowledge of past work done in your ongoing thesis. You will also be aware of the format
that is required to write any thesis so that it gets published.
It is necessary to download or refer such websites or journals that are standard and has a high impact to
get unique research papers. IJSET and IJSRET are one of the leading journals that accept and publish
research paper at an international level. They entertain papers from various fields such as engineering,
electronics, cloud computing, machine learning, etc. You will surely receive collection of latest and
unique article at these journals.

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Submit Research Paper For Publication
Queenie  Davis

Queenie Davis


Why Algorithm? Because it’s the idea!

Very important to know,

In 1936 mathematician Alan Turing proved in his famous research paper “On computable numbers” that, “If an algorithm can be written to solve a mathematical problem, then a Turing machine can execute that algorithm”.

This is a very fundamental and important theory in Computer Science and Engineering(CSE).

That means in a simpler word that :

Any project may be very complex or easy, can be done if first of all, we are able to design an algorithm (description + flowchart + pseudocode).

Though it is hard to convert a design to code, possible if there is a design/blueprint first means algorithm.

The algorithm should be the first thing to learn in the case of CSE.

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Why Algorithm? Because it’s the idea!
Desmond  Gerber

Desmond Gerber


We Downloaded 10,000,000 Jupyter Notebooks From Github – This Is What We Learned

Here’s how we used the hundreds of thousands of publicly accessible repos on GitHub to learn more about the current state of data science.

Inspired by research carried out 2 years ago by the Design Lab team at UC San Diego, the  JetBrains Datalore team decided to download all Jupyter notebooks accessible in October 2019 and October 2020 to gather statistics on the tools that the global DS community has been using in recent years.


2 years ago there were 1,230,000 Jupyter Notebooks published on GitHub. By October 2020 this number had grown 8 times, and we were able to download 9,720,000 notebooks. We made this dataset publicly available, and you can find the instructions for accessing it at the bottom of the post. Feel free to play with it and share your insights with us by mentioning  @JBDatalore on Twitter, or write to us at

All the statistics mentioned below were calculated using  this notebook in Datalore, which is an online Jupyter notebook with smart coding assistance hosted by JetBrains.

#datalore #insights #news #python #research

We Downloaded 10,000,000 Jupyter Notebooks From Github – This Is What We Learned
Hermann  Frami

Hermann Frami


The State of Serverless

Updated May 2021. This research builds on the first edition of this article, which was published in February 2020.

Serverless has gained traction among organizations of all sizes, from cloud-native startups to large enterprises. With serverless, teams can focus on bringing ideas to the market faster—rather than managing infrastructure—all while paying for only what they use. In this report, we examined millions of functions run by thousands of companies to understand how serverless is being used in the real world.

From short-running tasks to user-facing applications, serverless powers a wide range of use cases. AWS Lambda is the most mature and widely used function-as-a-service (FaaS) offering, but we also see impressive growth in adoption of Azure Functions and Google Cloud Functions. Today, the serverless ecosystem has grown beyond FaaS to include dozens of services that help developers build faster, more dynamic applications. A quarter of Amazon CloudFront users have embraced serverless edge computing and organizations are also leveraging AWS Step Functions to manage application logic across various distributed components.

Read on for more insights and trends from the serverless landscape.

Lambda functions are invoked 3.5 times more often than two years ago

AWS Lambda enables developers to innovate faster by building highly scalable applications without worrying about infrastructure. Today, teams are not merely experimenting with serverless, but making it a critical part of their software stacks. Indeed, our research indicates that companies that have been using Lambda since 2019 have significantly ramped up their usage. On average, functions were invoked 3.5 times more often per day at the start of 2021 than they were two years prior. Additionally, within the same cohort of Lambda users, each organization’s functions ran for a total of 900 hours a day, on average.



Azure Functions and Google Cloud Functions are gaining momentum

AWS Lambda may have kickstarted the serverless movement, but it is not the only game in town. Azure Functions and Google Cloud Functions have both seen growth in adoption within their respective cloud platforms. In the past year, the share of Azure organizations running Azure Functions climbed from 20 to 36 percent. And on Google Cloud, nearly a quarter of organizations now use Cloud Functions. Although Cloud Functions was the last of the three FaaS offerings to launch, serverless is not a new concept in  Google Cloud—the cloud platform introduced Google App Engine, its first fully serverless compute service, back in 2008. But today, we see momentum shifting toward Google’s newer serverless offerings, namely Cloud Functions and Cloud Run.

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The State of Serverless



How to publish a research paper in international journal

The Answers to how to get a research paper published in India

As a scholar and searching for how to get a research paper published in India is an obvious fact. Many students often need to submit their papers in any free or paid research paper writing in India to get their final degree. Such scholars should also know the fact that nearly all the journals have some definite format for acceptance of any research paper. Here are some of the rules regarding the same.

Submit Research paper

The Acceptable Format to how to write a research paper in India

Title of the Paper: Your paper should have a good title that depicts the theme of your work. The title of the paper should be unique so that the reader may understand that your research paper is original and not copied.

Information of the Author: After the title of the paper you should mention your information such as your first name, last name, affiliation, address, and contact details.
The Abstract: should be between 70-100 words and one should define his work and its purpose.
Keywords: Keywords play an essential role and you must find such keywords that your audience is looking for.

Do not forget to mention the proposed work, conclusion, and references in your paper. Also, give a brief overview of the future research if possible.

IJSRET is one of the leading journals and solutions to how to get a research paper published in India The journal entertains research papers in several fields such as electronics, mechanical, civil, computer science, machine learning, and many more. The journal has clear policies and takes reasonable time for publishing the research paper.

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How to publish a research paper in international journal