Easy and Fast Adjustment of Kubernetes CPU and Memory

Assigning and Managing CPU and Memory resources in the Kubernetes can be tricky and easy at the same time. Having done this task for numerous customers, I have decided to create a framework zone.

The Shift from Polyrepos to Monorepos

As code repositories become more complex, challenges become more apparent. The shift from polyrepos to monorepos help overcome & make these more manageable.

StackExchange - The 8 best resources every developer must follow

As a developer, you should be familiar with StackExchange. There are tons of resources available on there about software development and programming. Out of…

Best Competetive Coding and Interview Resources Available For Free

In today’s article, we are going to review the top seven options for the best, free and open-source resources and repositories on Github. This article is meant for those people who want to get started or have just started with competitive programming.

Best and Top 10 Data Science Online Resource Available For Every Aspiring Data Scientist

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the top 10 of the open-source learning resources available, which can be really helpful for your journey into Data Science.

Resources to become a Well-Rounded Full-Stack Developer

Javascript, Python, Azure SQL. Everything you need to learn to became a full-stack developer is available on these amazing video resources

The most popular NoSQL database for apps

MongoDB is a document-oriented database. This means that it doesn’t use tables and rows to store its data, but instead collections of JSON-like documents. These documents support embedded fields, so related data can be stored within them.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Python? (& 5 Learning Hacks)

How long does it take to learn Python? I'll try to give you a general, non-scientific, estimate about how long I think it will take you to learn Python.

The Path of Experts in Machine Learning

The Path of Experts in Machine Learning. A guide for those who are self-taught or coming from a new field along with a list of resources.

Uber & Michelangelo

Uber Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Michelangelo enables internal teams to seamlessly build, deploy, and operate machine learning solutions at Uber's scale.

A Convenient Way to Read Resources in Java

Resources lay on the classpath of Java application, not on the filesystem. You almost never will have IOException, unless you made a mistake in your code. Loading of resources is closer to class import than to reading of file from the filesystem. You don’t surround your imports with try-catch, do you ?

Google Analysis of Online Dataset

An Analysis using Dataset Search. According to Google AI Blog there are tens of millions of datasets on the web, with content ranging from sensor data and government records, to results of scientific experiments and business reports.

The List of Top 10 lists

A guide to help you find your way through the Data Science maze. According to KDnuggets, the journey of a Data Scientist is full of twists and turns that will mold you.

Should You Learn TypeScript? (Hint: You Probably Should)

Should you use TypeScript? Most likely. Read this to learn TypeScript and understand its place in the JavaScript ecosystem. BONUS: Full list of TypeScript resources. Being a JavaScript developer is a commitment to always be on the alert. The learning curve never stops at a precise moment. So you’re always juggling numerous questions in your head.

Kubernetes Concepts: Release versions

Get familiar with the concepts of Kubernetes. According to Wikipedia It was originally designed by Google and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Best Data Science Books in 2020 (Vetted by Experts)

Learn Python, R, machine learning, social media scraping, and much more from these free data science books you can download today.

How to start using TensorFlow

3 alternatives to installing TensorFlow: TensorFlow is the second machine learning framework that Google created and used to design, build, and train deep learning models.

The Best Serverless Resources

Everything you needed to know about serverless. Serverless is by all means one of the fastest growing trends amongst developers and with good reason. It solves a lot of problems that traditional servers face, problems like the scalability or the ever-growing problem of high hosting bills.

Intro to Accessibility

More Info on Making Your Website Accessible. For an introduction to accessibility requirements and international standards, see Accessibility Principles.

Curated list of Outlier Detection Resources

Last updated on August 1, 2020. I am continuously updating this post. In data mining, anomaly detection (also outlier detection) is the identification of rare items.