How to Choose the Ideal Site for Designing Your Restaurant Using Data Science

Designing any product requires a lot of analysis and research. Restaurants are no different. Designing any product requires a lot of analysis and research. It is also true for designing any building. Before we begin to design any building, we collect information about the location where we are designing, we check the budget, we do research about the background of the target audience and their likes and dislikes.

The Artisanal Pizza You Ordered Might Secretly Be Chuck E. Cheese

To drum up delivery businesses, big restaurant chains are rebranding themselves in apps like GrubHub

20 Awesome E-commerce Food & Drink Wordpress Themes 2020

So in this post we`ve gathered 20 best and awesome E-commerce food & drink Wordpress themes that will allow you to show and sell your products online to everyone.

Sentiment Analysis of Restaurant Reviews

Analysing TheFork reviews with Node.js and natural.js. use Sentiment Analysis to analyze TheFork reviews from a restaurant. To avoid the complexity of getting an API key, and to avoid as well implementing HTTP requests (Since the scope of this tutorial is the sentimental analysis and not HTTP requests)

How Technology can help Restaurants To Serve Millennial & Gen Z Better

Gen Z and Millennials are the powersource to Restaurants nowadays. Here are few things your Restaurants should do in order to attract Genz and Millennials.