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Transform how you advertise with moLotus!

Your advertising and marketing efforts need a boost? The turnaround is possible via moLotus - the truly interactive mobile advertising platform ensuring your reach to customers’ mobile inbox via innovative ads irrespective of phone type or model – 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G smartphones, i-phones and feature phones. No app, no data charges & absolutely no spamming.
Big Brands are tailoring ad campaigns via moLotus to build brand awareness, drive consideration, generate conversions, APRU enhancement, better CLVM and immediate high margin revenues. Connect with us today to know how moLotus is going to help your brand. To know more, visit https://www.novosol.biz/
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Transform how you advertise with moLotus!
Grace  Lesch

Grace Lesch


InfluxDB: From Open Source Time Series Database to Millions in Revenue

Commercial Success For InfluxDB
Fast forward to now, and the business is built around the paid clustered version. They now have two offerings - an on premises, site-installed version and a cloud-based service hosted on AWS. The cloud version allows you to pick a size, and they provision the new cluster for you, install the software, monitoring systems, and run them.

Introducing InfluxDB Iox
The commercial aspect of this new project is to run it as a cloud-based solution. The cloud based version requires extra software to coordinate and operate a fleet of servers. This software is closed source and will be on a paid licence.

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InfluxDB: From Open Source Time Series Database to Millions in Revenue
Alec  Nikolaus

Alec Nikolaus


Five Undervalued Data Points for Emerging Businesses

Apparently, data has become more ubiquitous than the stars in the sky. In fact, the amount of data produced daily via the Internet is set to top 44 zettabytes. As you might assume, that’s more data than you could possibly fathom or use.

However, this isn’t to suggest that culling through your incoming real-time and historical data isn’t important. It is, especially if you intend to grow or even scale your business without going over budget. In fact, you can save quite a bit if you figure out which business data points to collect and interpret.

Below are five pieces of data that you’ll want to consider as you get frugal.

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Five Undervalued Data Points for Emerging Businesses
Chelsie  Towne

Chelsie Towne


AI for revenue growth: using ML to drive more valuable pricing


Pricing optimization is a powerful lever for revenue growth, yet it’s too often put in the too-hard basket by too many companies.

This is because traditional pricing optimization methods can be both complex to implement and limited in their ability to accurately capture the full range of factors that can impact pricing.

Machine learning (ML) is well-suited to pricing optimization problems — both for its ability to handle complex features, as well as its ability to generalize to new situations. Moreover, recent advances in managed services has put these ML solutions within reach of virtually any organization.

In this anonymized example we explore how a company with no data science expertise was able to use managed ML services to implement an ML-powered pricing strategy that performed 2x above traditional approaches and resulted in estimated revenue growth of 11%.


FitCo is a premium fitness brand, based in Los Angeles, that operates a portfolio of over 600 gym and fitness center locations across the United States.

Having grown rapidly by acquisition over the past several years, management attention had now turned its attention to boosting organic revenue growth, which had been stubbornly flat on a per-studio basis.

FitCo had identified FitClass — its suite of specialty fitness classes — as a prime source of organic growth. Specifically, it had identified pricing of these classes as a major potential area of improvement.

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AI for revenue growth: using ML  to drive more valuable pricing

Sanny Sun


For most online shoppers, their first visit to a web store is a make-or-break experience. Just as they may be impressed by the catalog, design, and prices, they can also be discouraged by poor website performance, a clunky interface, or a lack of Magento 2 upgrade. The dangers of poor website configuration are great: just imagine losing half of your visitors due to page loading issues, or making $840 of sales per day when you could be making $1000, just because of an outdated shopping cart. We dive into the statistics below.
While there are a multitude of choices that contribute to a Magento site’s success, we want to focus on speed, because it plays such a critical role on the first visit and beyond. Whenever users encounter slow loading time on a web store, this becomes a harbinger for revenue loss and other negative consequences.


Read it here https://soft-loft.com/how-a-sites-speed-affects-your-revenue/

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