Flutter Riverpod: Use StateNotifier for Configuration and Update UI

Using Riverpod for app's configuration settings and update the UI accordingly. That updating a setting value not only updates UI that listens to that value. I am using Riverpod with StateNotifier to store my app's configurations / settings. Flutter Riverpod: Use StateNotifier for Configuration and Update UI.

Riverpod Migration from 0.13 to 0.14

Riverpod Migration from 0.13 to 0.14. Una pequeña actualización al package de Riverpod, si ustedes quieren pasar a la nueva forma de trabajar con StateNotifierProvider les mostrare como.

Basics of Riverpod | Flutter

Let's understand the basics of another state management concept in a flutter to manage our state ✌

Riverpod Tutorial - Freezed: Unions and Data Classes

How you can use Freezed to enhance Riverpod (and your Flutter coding in general). This is a practical example of how to use Freezed, as well as a primer for those of you that are new to it.

Riverpod an easier approach to access Provider - Flutter State Management

The next level of the provider usage is Riverpod and Remi brought it to live. It gets rid of some limitations and with this video, I want to create with you ...

Exploring Riverpod and building a Todo App | Flutter

We explore Riverpod and its usage while building a Todo App in Flutter. Riverpod: Provider, but different. A new state management technique brought to you by the person who made Provider. Riverpod is meant to solve some of the common problems of Provider and also give some other neat benefits. It's legit awesome, you should check it out.