Preloading strategies: Boost up Angular App Loading Time

Get to know these Preloading Strategies to reduce Angular App loading time

How to Handle Routing in Your React Application

Everything You Need to Know about React Routing. Learn how to use routing in your React application. React Router making the UI and the URL of the application in sync. React Router allows you to handle routing declaratively.

Angular Routing: Imperative vs PopState

Navigation between pages is an essential part of any web application. When learning Angular you will realize that routing(navigation) is one of the fundamental concepts of Angular.

OpenShift Service Mesh essentials — Part IV — Features: Routing

See how using advanced routing you can modify the behaviour of your application without including API gateways or writing code in your app. In this series of articles, we will dig into the OpenShift Service Mesh world. ... OpenShift Service Mesh essentials — Part IV — Features: Routing ...

A Complete Guide To Routing in Angular

Angular Router is a powerful JavaScript router built and maintained by the Angular core team that can be installed from the @angular/router package. It provides a complete routing library with the possibility to have multiple router outlets, different path matching strategies, easy access to route parameters and route guards to protect components from unauthorized access. A Complete Guide To Routing in Angular

A Simplified Technique for Express Routing

This tutorial will focus on one of my favorite techniques for structuring the route files. This approach uses the folder and file structure to build the API.

Node JS — Router and Routes

Hello all. In this blog, I am explaining how to perform routing with Node JS. Routing is one of the most important parts of any Web framework since it defines how our application should handle all the HTTP requests by the client.

How to Improve Routing In Laravel - LaravelProject

Routing allows the user to route application requests to its appropriate controller. Laravel has an inbuilt API which…

Next.js Tutorial : Static and Dynamic Routing

An easy and simple routing system in Next.js tutorial for beginners. How to implement static and dynamic routing in Next.js applications.

DfaGraphWriter use ImpromptuInterface:Visualizing ASP.NETCore3.0 use GraphvizOnline-Part 3

In this post I lay the groundwork for creating a custom implementation of DfaGraphWriter. DfaGraphWriter is public, so you can use it in your application as I showed in my previous post, but all the classes it uses are marked internal. That makes creating your own version problematic. To work around that, I use an open source reflection library, ImpromptuInterface, to make creating a custom DfaGraphWriter implementation easier.

Visualizing ASP.NET Core 3.0 endpoints using GraphvizOnline - Part 4

In this post I show how you can create custom endpoint graphs for your application to better understand the routes used in your application. In this series, I've been laying the groundwork for building a custom endpoint visualization graph, as I showed in my first post. This graph shows the different parts of the endpoint routes: literal values, parameters, verb constraints, and endpoints that generate a result:

Visualizing ASP.NET Core 3.0 endpoints using GraphvizOnline - Part 1

In this post I show how the endpoint routes in an ASP.NET Core 3.0 application can be visualized using the GraphvizOnline service. That lets you create diagrams like the following, which describe all the endpoints in your application: GraphvizOnline is a GitHub project that provides an online vizualizer for viewing graphs specified in the DOT graph description language. This is a simple language that lets you define various types of graph, which connects nodes with edges.

Visualizing ASP.NET Core 3.0 endpoints using GraphvizOnline - Part 5

In this series, I have shown how to view all the routes in your application using an endpoint graph. In this post I show how to do something more useful—detecting duplicate routes that would throw an exception at runtime. I show how to use the same DfaGraphWriter primitives as in previous posts to create a unit test that fails if you have any duplicate routes in your application that would cause a failure at runtime.

Industry-Standard Web Development Techniques for Angular

This post discusses some of the best approaches used for building responsive and interactive web apps in Angular.

Go faster than navigation with Angular resolvers

I remember the first time I read about Angular resolvers, they sounded so cool. Let the router prefetch data? Yes, please! But when I tried to ...

Routing in Angular 9

Angular is a fully-featured framework that helps in creating single-page applications(SPA). In the SPA the whole page is not reloaded every time, only the view is changed. So when the application is loaded for the first time, all the pages from the server will be not be rendered. It’s the only index.html that loads when the application is loaded. The basic aim of this blog is to help you understand the concept of routing in Angular i.e. how Angular is able to work as a SPA with the help of its own Router.

Accessing Route Values In Endpoint Middleware in ASP.NET Core 3.0

In this post I describe how you can access the route values from middleware when using endpoint routing in ASP.NET Core 3.0.