Split RSpec tests with Jenkins Parallel Pipeline to run specs faster

Split RSpec tests with Jenkins Parallel Pipeline to run specs faster. Jenkins CI server has a declarative pipeline that allows you to set Jenkins parallel stages.

Github Actions auto split of slow RSpec test file in parallel jobs for Ruby, Rails project

Github Actions auto split of slow RSpec test file in parallel jobs for Ruby on Rails project. Consider the split · Divide and conquer · Enter split by test. How to run slow RSpec test files on Github Actions with parallel jobs by doing an auto split of the spec file by test examples.

How Parallel Github Actions Jobs Can Run Your RSpec Tests Faster in Ruby on Rails App

How parallel Github Actions jobs can run your RSpec tests faster in Ruby on Rails application. Thanks to that each parallel job will be consuming a set of tests fetched from Knapsack Pro API Queue to ensure each parallel job finishes work at a similar time. Distributed tests and no bottleneck in parallel jobs (no slow job)

Rspec query limit matcher

Have you ever wondered how many simultaneous queries your application sends to the database? A hundred, a thousand, or perhaps a million? Whatever your answer, we should be aware of the influence that this number has on the performance of our programme. I would like to introduce to you the rspec-query-limit gem (you can find the source code on our github in the monterail/rspec-query-limit repository): this gem is a rspec matcher that measures the numbers of queries being sent to the database in Ruby on Rails applications.

The Definitive RSpec Tutorial With Examples

RSpec is a unit test framework for the Ruby programming language to support Behaviour Driven Development. RSpec is for BDD in Ruby on Rails.

How To Configure Rails Tests with RSpec, FactoryBot and Capybara

So, you're asked to test your application but have no idea how to begin. Or you read about TDD, RSpec, FactoryBot, Capybara, and maybe you didn't understand what they were meant for, or maybe when you tried to run them into your project nothing worked.

Run RSpec files on Github Actions with parallel jobs use auto split of the spec file

Splitting your CI build jobs between multiple machines running in parallel is a great way to make your CI testing fast, which results in more time for building features. Github Actions allows running parallel jobs easily. In a previous article, we explained how you can use Knapsack Pro to split your RSpec test files efficiently between parallel jobs on GitHub Actions. Today we’d like to show how to address the problem of slow test files negatively impacting the whole build times.

Doubles, Instance Doubles, and Spies in RSpec

Recently, I was creating a small project to play around with new concepts I had learned for RSpec testing in Ruby and realized something. How exactly do I test an instance(or class!) method in one model that relies on the result of a method from a different model entirely. I’ll give you my basic example. I had a User model and a Pet model, whereby the Pet belonged to the User.

Test-Driven Development With Stripe and Ruby on Rails

A practical guide to testing your payment integration. For my projects, I usually end up creating at least three separate Stripe sub-accounts: one for development (for testing by hand), one for testing (automated tests), and one for production.