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RSpec is a unit test framework for the Ruby programming language to support Behaviour Driven Development. RSpec is for BDD in Ruby on Rails.

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How to use Inertia.js to build a Vue.js frontend within a Ruby on Rails application

This is an example on how to use Inertia.js to build the frontend with Vue.js within a Ruby on Rails application Styles made with Tailwind CSS.There is already a demo application to show how Inertia.js works (see Ping CRM) - but for PHP/Laravel only. I've build this thing to try Inertia.js with Rails.

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We're going to play a game: find the missing number in a given array. This first solution will be not that great but we'll get the job done!

Alive and Kickin’: Ruby on Rails Advantages (2019)

Last week we published “Ruby on Rails e-Commerce in 2019” where we used Rails, RefineryCMS, and Snipcart to create an online store. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’d definitely be worth your time. I thought my colleague Max, the author, was being facetious to make a point. Ruby on Rails is a well-established framework with a thriving community. Plus Rails’ advantages provide efficient, practical

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Set up your user auth using JavaScript Web Tokens for improved security. This is a guide on creating and setting up a Rails API application from scratch. How to Build a Rails API with JWT

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Day 16 of 30 - Ruby Coding Challenges in 30 Days. We're going to sum all the even numbers in a given Fibonacci sequence.This is the blog post version of the Youtube video from the 30 Ruby Coding Challenges in 30 Days series