Rust is a language designed for writing highly reliable and fast software in a simple way. It can be used from high-level code down to hardware-specific code, and from big irons to tiny devices.

❌ MANEJO DE ERRORES en RUST 🦀 (Lenguaje de Programación) | Rust desde cero.

En este video aprenderemos como manejar errores en Rust, como parte de la ruta de aprendizaje de Rustlang, propuesta por Microsoft

Rust From a JavaScript Perspective

A nice introduction to Rust from a JavaScript developer perspective. In this post, I am documenting – albeit in a bit funny way – some thoughts in my journey so far in Rust land, coming from the viewpoint of a hardcore JavaScript enthusiast.

Exploring Deno Land 🦕 with Ryan Dahl

Exploring Deno Land 🦕 We’re joined by Ryan Dahl, Node.js creator, and now the creator of Deno - a simple, modern and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses V8 and is built in Rust. We talk with Ryan about the massive success of Node and how it impacted his life, and how he eventually created Deno and what he’s doing differently this time around. We also talk about The Deno Company and what’s in store for Deno Deploy.

Lock-Free to Wait-Free Simulation in Rust (part 2)

Lock-Free to Wait-Free Simulation in Rust - In this stream, we continue implementing the concurrency algorithm from the academic paper "A Practical Wait-Free Simulation for Lock-Free Data Structures" by Erez Petrank and and Shahar Timnat in Rust. The paper details a general way to turn lock-free concurrent data-structures into wait-free ones (we also talk about what that means), and you can find it at

Rust vs C++: Which Technology Should You Choose?

Rust vs. C++ 2021: Compare C++ and Rust languages to know which of them is faster or easier for system, game, or IoT development needs.

Rust by the Numbers: The Rust Programming Language in 2021

A look at Rust, an up-and-coming, memory-safe, systems programming language. Let me guild you on Rust by the numbers, The Rust Programming Language in 2021.

Master-Slave Communication Protocol -> I2C - "Inter-Integrated Circuit"

I2C Communication Protocol. So we have already read about Serial communication. Master-Slave Communication Protocol -> I2C - "Inter-Integrated Circuit"

Building a Pixel Editor in Rust & WebAssembly (and JavaScript)

We're going to build a basic in-browser pixel editor with undo & redo using Rust & Webassembly and Javascript & Canvas. We use the rust-webpack-template starter kit and by the end the "im" immutable data structures library to improve the storage of state in our undo queue.

How To Create Small, Fast And Cool Desktop Apps With Tauri And Ember.js

I recently played around with Tauri, a toolkit for development desktop apps with web technologies. Here's how to create small, fast and cool desktop apps with tauri and ember.js

Rust Closures Will Make Your Life Easy

Rust closures are a very helpful and efficient feature of Rust. Closures are quite useful as it allows environment capturing. Rust Closures will make your life easy

Rust Programming Language Tutorial For Beginners | Variable

Rust Programming Language Tutorial For Beginners | Variable

Rust Programming Language Tutorial For Beginners | Data Type

Rust Programming Language Tutorial For Beginners | Data Type

My First Cup of Rust

Learn how one dev got started with Rust, what he liked about it, and take a tour of the language's basics, like traits and code organization. Let's see my first cup of Rust

WebAssembly is The Technology Of Future?

WebAssembly, generally called WASM, is a compact, future and portable code that can run on most browsers which makes it a technologies of the future. "WebAssembly (abbreviated Wasm) is a binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine. WebAssembly is the technology of future?

How to Build a Deno Plugin using Rust

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create Deno plugins in Rust. Deno is a new JavaScript runtime built with Rust and V8 that enables you to run JavaScript outside the browser. Deno is more secure than Node.js because it limits network and file system access by default.

Redis Streams in Action (Part 2): Tweets Consumer App

Learn how to use Redis Streams with this sample app that consumes Tweets with some help from Azure. Redis Streams in Action (Part 2): Tweets Consumer App. Build a Rust app to consume from the Twitter Streaming API.

From Napkin to the Cloud: A WebAssembly Journey

From Napkin to the Cloud: A WebAssembly Journey. WebAssembly is not only changing the way we build and deploy software, but it can improve every aspect of the developer experience from napkin sketch to deployment

C++ vs Rust — simple polymorphism comparison

In this short article, we’ll compare and contrast how C++ and Rust handle dynamic polymorphism. A quick disclaimer, I’m not a Rust guru, but rather someone who’s more familiar with C++ (by the way, you can join our San Diego C++ meetup at

Rust for Medical Visualization: Rust Linz, May 2021 - Harald Reingruber

Rust for Medical Visualization. Rust offers great modern tooling and promising new concepts. Future browser features like WebGPU and WebAssembly SIMD (for CPU rendering) are first-class Rust citizens which will get interesting for us once they get production-ready. Join our experience report on why we think that Rust is a great choice for our use case and how we want to use it in the future.

Creative Rust: Rust Linz, May 2021 - Lisa Passing

How do you write creative code in Rust? We'll take a look at some algorithms and tricks in the creative coding toolbox to get you started and use the nannou library to make them a (digital) reality.