Shared Schema Strategy With Postgres (Part 1)

When working with data-heavy, multi-tenant relational data apps, here is how to apply the shared schema strategy with PostgreSQL. Based on the presented examples, we can admit that it is possible to implement the shared schema strategy in the Postgres database by using the row-level security policy.

A Complete Guide to UUIDs in Postgres

In this article I’ll discuss why primary keys are important, different types of keys you can use, and a primary key with values that are guaranteed to have never, ever been used in the entire universe.

XML Processing Made Easy with Ballerina

XML Processing Made Easy with Ballerina. Let's take a look at a modern approach in handling XML as a built-in functionality in a programming language.

Basic Guide to Design a Better Database Schema

So let's talk about designing a database schema, there are actually two major problems beginners mostly do while designing. There is very simple approach to ...

Journey to a Federated GraphQL

Engineers tend to love good stories so hopefully, our 5-year journey of moving towards API composition with GraphQL now in production (serving at peak 110 requests per second at 100ms latency) provides a good story.

How To Link Mongoose And Typescript for a Single Source of Truth | Hacker Noon

There are a few tools out there to help us merge mongoose with typescript such as Typegoose and ts-mongoose. Mongoose is popular

How to Use Protobuf With Apache Kafka and Schema Registry

Here is a full guide on working with Protobuf in Apache Kafka.Since Confluent Platform version 5.5, Avro is no longer the only schema in town. Protobuf and JSON schemas are now supported as first-class citizens in Confluent universe. But before I go on explaining how to use Protobuf with Kafka, let’s answer one often-asked question:

JSON Schema,, JSON-LD: What’s the Difference?

Recently, I have seen several questions like “what’s the difference between JSON-LD and JSON Schema” or “can I use JSON Schema and”. I come from a linked data background (which is close to the world of but have recently started using JSON Schema a lot and I have to admit that there is no trivial answer to these questions. There is the obvious similarity in the standard names like “Schema” and “JSON”. If you compare the page for Person to this example on the JSON Schema page, you have to admit that they kind of look alike. Combine this with the fact that touts JSON-LD, which — by design — very much looks like regular JSON completes the confusion. So there definitely are enough reasons to write this article. JSON Schema,, JSON-LD: What’s the Difference?

GraphQL Server with Deno and Oak Framework

In my previous topic, I have explained about below things.This is a one-to-one port of graphql-js to Deno. It is working, fully adapted to Deno and exports both TS types and JS code.

GAVRO — Managed Big-Data Schema Evolution

Wouldn’t it be great to build a data ingestion architecture that was resilient to change? More specifically, resilient to schema evolution.

Advanced Schema Design Patterns

Advanced Schema Design Patterns - MongoDB experts collected and analyzed database schemas from a cross-section of industry. They came up with the most frequently-used schema design patterns a...

Delta Lake: Schema Enforcement & Evolution

Nowadays data is constantly evolving and changing. As well as the business problems and requirements are evolving, the shape or the structure of the data is als