The Dangers of Infrared Light (IR) in Red Light Therapy (RLT)

Users of RLT don’t want to develop cataracts in 20 years from IR exposure. This article will touch upon the benefits of RLT for the eyes but also focus on the concern of the IR radiation potentially damaging the cornea of the eye.

Studying the Ionospheric Radio Signals Propagation Using Python and SDR

Studying the Ionospheric Radio Signals Propagation Using Python and SDR. I will show, how using an SDR receiver and 50 lines of Python code, it is possible to visualize radio stations signals with <0.01 Hertz accuracy and observe some interesting atmospheric effects.

Why Learning Scientific Method?

Why Learning Scientific Method? Now, it’s a method where it can be used easily to check whether researches and data are valid or not. Here, I’ll discuss why you should learn the scientific method.

Truth = Utility

To further illustrate the important distinction between the concepts of truth and utility, here's a thought experiment: Bob really wants to understand philosophy.

68–95–99 Rule — Normal Distribution Explained in Plain English

The 68–95–99 Rule — Normal Distribution Explained in Plain English. It’s a foundational concept in statistics, and the key to understanding a range of natural phenomena

Visualizing COVID-19 Vulnerability With For Python

Visualizing COVID-19 Vulnerability With For Python. A quick walk-through on creating choropleth using the module for Python.

Eight Works of Visionary Speculative Fiction That Help Us Imagine — and Realize 

I long dismissed science fiction as fairy tale foolishness ... ble from the possible?8 Do we know our limitations in ... theory, visionaries questioned wheth ... reporters and news media that imagine ... the hacker journalists' work, speedily ... 4 Paul Halpern writes that "most science fiction visions of future human behavior tell us.

Scientific Python With Lambda

Scientific Python With Lambda. The exact meaning a proper usage of Python’s Lambda function: Python’s greatest syntax for scientific programming.

Creativity Is a Skill You Need to Curate

Creativity is a key skill of the future and it’s time to now apply yourself. Serendeputy is a newsfeed engine for the open web, creating your newsfeed from tweeters, topics and sites you follow.

Adaptive Query Execution on Apache Spark 3.0.0

Spark 3.0 comes with a lot of exciting new features and enhancements. We will dive deeper into some of the supported functionality

Designing Experiments in Data Science

Designing Experiments in Data Science. Experiments in Data Science require proper planning and design to best answer its questions

Exactly What You Need to Know to Get Into Quantum Computing

Don’t say “I am not smart enough to do quantum”. In this article, I want to talk with you as a person who recently joined the field a little over two years ago. I want to show you that most concerns keeping you away from dipping your toes in the field of quantum computing are not really accurate.

Where Mathematics Being Used Commonly?

Since it’s more than 4000 years old, it has created numerous wonders and creates more in our lives. Here, we’ll outline where mathematics is used in today’s world.

Manage Your Entire R Code Base With TODOr

TODOr Is an incredibly helpful R Package and RStudio Add in that makes the management of all of your developer comments incredibly easy.

New Diabetes Management Tech Finally Moves Beyond the Bells and Whistles

New Diabetes Management Tech Finally Moves Beyond the Bells and Whistles. Users may welcome the update to personalize automated insulin dosing, but they still await a cure.


Learn how to perform an Analysis Of VAriance (ANOVA) in R to compare 3 groups or more. See also how to interpret the results and test the assumptions

Reasons why you must, should, and should not use LaTeX

The best typesetting system is open, free, and it has been around for more than 30 years. I will not showcase how to use LaTeX because there is a lot of wonderful tutorials around. I will only enumerate when you MUST, SHOULD, and SHOULD NOT use LaTeX.

Women are Underrepresented in Neuroscience… and It’s Only Getting Worse

Women are Underrepresented in Neuroscience… and It’s Only Getting Worse. New research has found that women working in neuroscience are consistently underrepresented in reference lists and investigates the reasons behind these issues.

How to Avoid Falling for Energy Technology Scams

Anyone can learn to apply the first two laws of thermodynamics to separate actual developments from perpetual motion machines. In this article, I am going to focus on the first part: perpetual motion scams. I will share how you, a non-expert, can interpret a new technology to see if it obeys the laws of physics.

Coding Bootcamps vs Universities

In a university, you can take classes in fields that range from machine learning to database design to robotics to system security, etc. There is no coding bootcamp out there that will do this! Coding bootcamps are designed to give you practical training to help you get a job as an entry level engineer.