Grover’s Algorithm: A silver bullet for database search

Grover’s Algorithm: A silver bullet for database search. A Quantum Algorithm that works like a charm for unstructured database search

Algorithms of Social Manipulation

Do you know how your apps work? Are you aware of what tech companies are doing in the back with your data? And what’s more revealing: do you know which of your action are actually influenced by those apps? When you take a trip with Uber, buy stuff on Amazon, or watch a movie on Netflix: when are you consciously deciding and when are you being heavily influenced?

Web scraping: Google search results with Selenium and BeautifulSoup

In this guide we will walk through the script that obtains links from the google search results.

JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms (Search Algorithms, Part 2)

Hello! I hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend. I am taking advantage of this long weekend to continue this series of posts regarding search algorithms.

Add Voice Search to Your Website with a Few Lines of Code

Speechly turns tedious category filters and search refiners into efficient and natural voice search experience.

Get Rid Of Mistakes In Coding Once And For All: Useful Tips For Beginners

Here in this post, I am going to tell you about the 10 common mistakes you will make or who knows you're still making as a beginner and will clear them all.

Simple Twitter Search Tricks for Developers

Hey, guys, there is a huge community of developers on Twitter. So, it's just essential and cool to know some Twitter search tricks. All the search tricks mention here are amazing and important for you.

How to Find a Reliable Backlink Service for Your SEO Clients

![This is image title]( "This is image title") It can take years to build quality backlinks to your website on your own. A lot of new business website owners will want to look for a faster way to...

Use Google Like A Pro 😎 10 Google Search Tricks | CodeSnail

use google like a pro. cool google search tricks. tricks help you to get relevant results from google search. these google search tricks make your work easy

Google Maps | Places - Geocoding | Search - Select - Collect

With integrating the module to your web forms, users can easily select the address and you can easily collect exact address details. Search for addresses or cities or regions within the country or globally with the autocomplete feature.

2020 Changed the Way of Technology Use

In early March, when Americans were sent to the offices from home, many people thought that it would be for a few weeks. But in the summer, that timeline stretched, and now 2021, to remain informed, fed, and entertained, we have relied ever more on technology. If you want to find out how IT industry

Jump Search in Python

In this article, you will cover Jump Search in Python - a hybrid combination of sequential search and interval search on sorted arrays.

tldrstory: AI-powered understanding of headlines and story text

Analyze headlines and story text with Streamlit, Transformers and FastAPI. This article introduces tldrstory, an AI-powered framework for understanding headlines and story text.

A Nearest Neighbor solution in Go to the Traveling Salesman Problem

A Go implementation of the Nearest Neighbor algorithm is presented with charting of the path and supporting report output. This project is an approximate solution to the Traveling Salesman problem using a nearest neighbor(NN) algorithm. A very detailed analysis and discussion of this relatively famous Computer Science problem is covered in reference (4).

Elasticsearch Indexing Data Flow

How docs get into the cluster. This article is about how that’s done, focusing on basic new data inserts and the data flow from request all the way down to the disk.

Download and parse TREC-COVID data

Your first step to improve the cord19 search application. This is the first on a series of blog posts that will show you how to improve a text search application, from downloading data to fine-tuning BERT models

How Google Is Using AI & ML To Improve Search Experience

Google detailed the methods and ways they have been using AI and machine learning in order to improve its search experience.

How to build a smart search engine

In this post, we want to go beyond this and create a truly smart search engine. This post will describe the process to do this and also provide template code to achieve this on any dataset.

Efficient open-domain question-answering on

Efficient open-domain question-answering on This post’s goal is to recreate the Dense Passage Retrieval (DPR) paper results for the Natural Questions benchmark.

Search— A Gentle Introduction

From basic building blocks to DIY search engine. Provide a gentle introduction to Search using both Google and Elasticsearch as examples