Underwater Object Segmentation Using MonkAI

I will share some insights about MonkAI, and how it can be used to simplify the process of object segmentation and build other computer vision applications.

Cheat sheet for implementing 7 methods for selecting the optimal number

Select the optimal number of clusters based on multiple clustering validation metrics like Gap Statistic, Silhouette Coefficient, Calinski-Harabasz Index etc.

Customer Segmentation with RFM Analysis

Customer Segmentation with RFM Analysis. Finally a clustering model you won’t have to spending time explaining.

One Hot Encoding, Standardization, PCA : Data preparation steps for segmentation in python

Getting the right data for the perfect segmentation! We will be going through all the steps necessary for transforming our raw dataset to the format we need for training and testing our segmentation algorithms.

White Blood Cell Segmentation With Keras Using Unet

Convolutional Neural Networks and Machine Learning/Deep Learning in general, has been implemented in a variety of fields. Medical imaging is one of the most intriguing ones, and so I decided to use AI to approach the problem of cell segmentation in microscopic images.

Frustum PointNets for 3D Object Detection from RGB-D Data

3D target detection based on laser point cloud is the core perception module in the autonomous driving system. The previous methods focused on 2D images or 3D voxels, which would blur the pattern of the 3D data itself and the invariance of the 3D data.

An Analysis of Normalized Cuts and Image Segmentation

In this paper, a detailed summary and analysis over Shi and Malik’s paper on Normalized Cuts and Image Segmentation. Each section covers a summary and analysis of the respective portion of the original paper.

Building an easy-to-use segmentation tool with transfer learning

How we built an easy-to-use image segmentation tool with transfer learning. Training an image segmentation model on new images can be daunting, especially when you need to label your own data. To make this task easier and faster, we built a user-friendly tool that lets you build this entire process in a single Jupyter notebook.

Segmentation in OCR !!

A basic explanation of different levels of Segmentation used by the OCR system. Welcome to part-III about the working of the OCR system.

User Segmentation Based on Purchase History

User Segmentation Based on Their Purchase History: A use case on how we target users with different products based on their purchasing power using machine learning.

Segmenting Website Navigation Sessions

Finding navigation patterns using topic modelling. This article will show a method for segmenting website navigation sessions according to the pages visited, using a topic modelling approach.

Customer Segmentation: K-Means Clustering & A/B Testing

This project aims to study customer behaviours on digital platforms by grouping customers without any prior knowledge and conduct A/B Testing that helps boost business performance.

What is an OCR?? (Optical Character Recognition)

A basic theoretical overview of the working of an Optical Character Recognition system. The necessity of digitisation is rapidly increasing in the modern era.

A Gentle Introduction to Customer Segmentation with RFM Scores

Today I want to write about customer segmentation and some technic. As we know all businesses need some optimization for advertising and customer segmentation is a logical way.

RFM Analysis using BigQuery ML

Suppose you want to remarket your users for conversions and reactivations by creating segments based on their website app activities using the google analytics data stored in BigQuery.

What I learned from my first Image Processing Project

What I learned from my first Image Processing Project. Image processing is a method to perform some operations on an image, in order to get an enhanced image or to extract some useful information from it. A pipeline is a some set of operations connected in a series, where the output of one is the input of the next one. In image processing, a task can be achieved through many different pipelines with different qualities.

Human Skin Color Classification Using : RGB, YCbCr, HSV

Human Skin Color Classification Using : RGB, YCbCr, HSV - The goal of this article is to improve the recognition of skin pixels in a given picture.