Selenium is a popular open-source tool for automating web browsers.


Web Scraping With Selenium & Scrapy

Web Scraping With Selenium & Scrapy.A hands-on combining Selenium with Scrapy. In the previous tutorials, we have understood and worked with Scrapy and Selenium individually. In this tutorial, I shall be highlighting the need to combine these two and explaining how to do it. Let us start with the need to combine Selenium with Scrapy.

WebDriverIO Tutorial: Handling Alerts and Overlay In Selenium

In this WebDriverIO tutorial on alert handling in Selenium, I’ll show you how to handle alerts and pop-ups as well as overlay modal in WebDriverIO.

Simple Whatsapp Automation Using Python3 and Selenium

In my stories before ( I tell you the general steps how to do it, now I will technically explain how to do it in code. I use Python 3 and Selenium in this tutorial, and I assume the reader knows the basics of Python.

End-to-end from front-end to back-end with Catcher

Catcher’s external modules 5.1.0 were finally released. It’s great news as it enables Selenium step for Front-end testing!

Build a Web Scraper with Python in 8 Minutes

In this tutorial, I will show you how to build a web scraper with Python libraries. Web scraping is a great skill to have and is a requirement in certain data-related job listings. It is also a great way for you to demonstrate your ability to collect your own data, instead of just downloading a pre-existing dataset from the Internet. Learn to scrape websites fast using BeautifulSoup and Selenium

Selenium Training | Selenium Tutorial | Selenium Course | Intellipaat

🔥Intellipaat Selenium training : In this selenium tutorial you will learn end to end about selenium course. So in ...

Introduction To Nightwatch.js For Selenium Testing

In this Nightwatch.js tutorial, I will give you an overview of Nighwatch.js with Selenium. So, let’s get started! Introduction To Nightwatch.js For Selenium Testing

Top 28 Selenium WebDriver Commands in NUnit For Test Automation

In this NUnit tutorial, I’ll take deep dive into various Selenium WebDriver Commands for web browsers, browser elements and drop down. Top 28 Selenium WebDriver Commands in NUnit For Test Automation

Selenium Grid Tutorial: All About Setting Up A Selenium Grid | LambdaTest

We will set up a Selenium Grid for parallel execution to perform automated cross browser testing on different browsers i.e. Chrome, IE, Firefox, simultaneously.

8 Tips to Master Web Control with Selenium

Web Scraping; is it good or is it evil? Well, it doesn’t sit entirely in either camp. It can be used to automate the collection of readily available and accessible data, or data about yourself stored by third parties. On the other hand, it can be abused by sending thousands of requests an hour to a server, or accessing content that’s behind a paywall. One thing that is definite about Web Scraping; it sure is fun! Go from Zero to Hero with these Top Tips! In this post, you'll see 8 Tips to Master Web Control with Selenium

5 Top Tips for Data Scraping using Selenium

The following tutorial will be a user-led guide of best practices for web-scraping using selenium. I have listed my 5 top tips that will help the user scrape any data they request as efficiently as possible, using as little code as possible.

Scraping the web with Selenium on Google Cloud Composer (Airflow)

How to set up an orchestrated and fully managed process to facilitate a Selenium scraper with a minimum of dev-ops required on GCP

Selenium Python Tutorial For Beginners

Earlier we have learned Selenium using Java and in this post, we will learn Selenium Python. Most of the companies looking for automation testers who have knowledge in Selenium WebDriver using Python. In this Selenium Python tutorial, you will learn the following

Allure с использованием Docker и Gitlab Pages и частично selenium

Этот текст предназначен для начинающих тестировщиков, желающих понять как делать отчеты на allure с историей тестов, также разъяснить где их хранить, чтобы в отчет мог заглянуть любой участник вашей команды.

Tests Automation with Examples: 'Click' Button Method in Selenium

One of the most fundamental and crucial interactions while Selenium automation testing is done by automating click operations over elements on a web page. We facilitate the click interaction using a method called Selenium click...

Cucumber.js Tutorial with Examples For Selenium JavaScript

The relevance of using a BDD framework such as Cucumber.js is often questioned by our fellow automation testers. Many feel that it is simply adding more work to their table.

Automated Browsers, Scraping and Crawling — Part 2

A reusable, object-oriented way of automating a browser. The beginning of this tutorial will be geared toward beginners, so I will be covering Python class and method basics, but it is only going to cover the bare basics. You can find the TL;DR right below it.

Automation Testing With Selenium, Cucumber & TestNG | LambdaTest

Cucumber is a BDD framework for automation testing with Selenium. Run your first Cucumber script & leverage TestNG capabilities to perform parallel testing.

Web Scraping with Selenium

This is the third part of a 4 part tutorial series on web scraping using Scrapy and Selenium. You can reach part-1 by clicking here and part-2 by clicking here. These two parts dealt with web scraping using Scrapy.

Infinite Scrolling With Selenium

How to automate navigating over a page with infinite data. Selenium is amazing! It gives you the opportunity to scrape everything you want with great simplicity. According to its documentation, “It provides extensions to emulate user interaction with browsers.”