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Can We Solve Serverless Cold Starts?

What are cold starts and practical ways to solve them. As everything good in life, serverless also comes with its downsides. One of them is the infamous “cold start”. In this article, we’ll cover what they are, what influences serverless startup latency and how to mitigate its impacts in our applications. Cold start refers to the state our function was when serving a particular invocation request. A serverless function is served by one or multiple micro-containers

The Best Serverless Resources

Everything you needed to know about serverless. Serverless is by all means one of the fastest growing trends amongst developers and with good reason. It solves a lot of problems that traditional servers face, problems like the scalability or the ever-growing problem of high hosting bills.

Finding performance boosts in Serverless Applications

From launching Dashbird one and a half years ago, our team has been in contact with a lot of companies building serverless applications and one of the problem areas that keeps poppping up are performance or cost issues. Performance problems usually present themselves when some best practices are overlooked or a suboptimal architecture decision have been made. This article is focused on how to look for optimization opportunities and to capitalise on those opportunities.

The Biggest Challenges (And Solutions) Of Going Serverless

With the advent of various serverless computing services, developers now, more than ever, are reaping numerous benefits that serverless computing offers.

Companies using Serverless in Production

What are the biggest companies using serverless in production right now. Every couple of days you read about the “next big thing in [enter technology name here]” and it’s hard to tell if there’s anything behind those claims. Yet, I often suffer from a terrible affliction called FOMO - fear of missing out - which makes me spend hours upon hours testing the technology only to find it completely useless and nothing to show for my efforts.

Why even bother with Serverless?

Here are just a few reason why serverless is a great option for you. There has been so much stuff written online about serverless that you are probably already sick of reading about it by now. I mean, it’s a great technology but is it deserving of all the buzzing going around the tech industry? Traditional servers have been around for years and you know what, they will continue to play an incremental role in the development of thousands and thousands of apps and website in the future.

Serverless - a Paradigm Shift in App Development

Serverless is the next paradigm shift in the way we create and run web services and apps. I’ve spent a lot of time with the development community over the years but every time I get to talk to people in the serverless community I’m constantly surprised by the passion and the general excitement over this technology. Below is one of the latest of said topics and I wanted to share it with you.

Serverless BigData Pipeline implementation

Recently I came across AWS India Summit 2016 summary where showcased their model of implementation using Serverless architecture. I came across the AWS India Summit 2016 summary, where Purplle showcased their model of implementation using Serverless architecture. Quite surprisingly it was handled by one-man team and done with such efficiency that I decided to explore the architecture and how they implemented it in their organization.

Serverless Case Study - Netflix

Netflix streams billions of hours of video ever month. Come see how they do it. A couple of days ago we published a case study on how Coca-Cola North America handles their vending machines systems with serverless. Today we’re going to talk about another titan that turned to serverless. As you may have guessed from the title, we are going to be talking about Netflix.

How Serverless Applications Will Change Your Business

This is how serverless will change your business in the coming years. In 2008, Netflix was struck by a disaster. A fast-growing global streaming service was well on its way to transform the entertainment industry when the management faced a problem exposed by a data center failure. Even though it was a single issue, it shut the entire service down, depriving the company of millions in profits and effectively ending the shipments of DVDs (they were still a thing in 2008).

Running an e-commerce Website on Serverless

Getting started with serverless for e-commerce with a quick tutorial! Yessiree Bob, you heard that right. The next big step towards the future of e-commerce is serverless technology. The e-commerce space has, for years, been in need of an alternative to the regular hosts as they are really not really viable passed a certain point, mainly because of this two reason:

AWS Lambda in GoLang - The Ultimate Guide

AWS Lambda has been leading the way in serverless and cloud computing in recent years. So it comes as no surprise that major companies are making the switch to serverless architecture to shorten the time it takes in bringing their products to market and decreased operational costs. AWS Lambda in GoLang — The Ultimate Guide

Serverless And C# - What You Need To Know

Before this innovation, developers had to worry about the resources powering their code. Since the launch of serverless computing, the developer’s focus on operating-system and hardware architecture is now a thing of the past.

You've been thinking of Serverless all wrong!

Serverless architecture continues to push forward the envelope yet people still aren't seeing the real value in the technology. While working for I’ve had to pleasure to come in contact with a number of serverless early adopters that included both small companies working on apps or just testing ideas as well as fortune 500 companies with an already established user base.

Serverless Vs. Containers — the big showdown

Which is the btter choice right now? Stay tuned to find out. If you have anything to do with the world of cloud computing or even programming for that matter, then I’m sure you’ve heard of different terms being tossed around such as “serverless computing” or “containers,” and even “monolithic architectures.”

How To Measure And Improve Your Serverless Application's Health

Technology and their implementation methodology evolves with time very rapidly. Cost efficiency and productivity are the key drivers of technological evolution these days. Technology and its implementation methodology evolves with time very rapidly. Cost efficiency and productivity are the key drivers of technological evolution these days. With the advent of The Cloud, infrastructure costs have been brought down significantly. Serverless technology adds icing to the cake!

Securing Serverless Applications

Serverless security is not inherently better or worse, it's just different. We’ve seen time and again how serverless architecture can benefit your application, graceful scaling, cost efficiency and a fast production time are just some of the things you think of when talking about serverless. But what about security? What do I need to do to ensure my application is not prone to attacks?

Serverless SWOT analysis

Moving past the 'Hello world', developers quickly realise they've traded one set of problems for another. Building a serverless application means you usually trade in old issues for new ones. This is an attempt to create a decision framework and break down arguments for and against using serverless vs. other computing models.

Top 5 Serverless platforms of 2018

Get to know the best serverless platforms of 2018. Serverless has been a word that’s been buzzing around for the past year and it’s no secret that we, the folks at Dashbird, are big fans of the technology. It’s been a tremendous pleasure to see serverless technology gather such renown around the developer communities and the fact that so many big companies are adopting serverless it validates a fact that we already know to be true. Serverless is here to stay.

Serverless and Containers - How and when to use them

Monolithic architectures and serverless architectures can be very different ways of computing. Even so, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them together. If you have anything to do with the world of cloud computing or even programming for that matter, then I’m sure you’ve heard of different terms being tossed around such as “serverless computing” or “containers,” and even “monolithic architectures.”