How a Service Mesh Can Help DevOps Achieve Business Goals

In this post, we describe how a service mesh can not only help organizations support DevOps teams that have made the shift to microservices and Kubernetes environments, but can ultimately help the organization achieve its business goals. How a Service Mesh Can Help DevOps Achieve Business Goals.

Consul Deployment Patterns: A Brief Overview

Consul, developed by HashiCorp is a multi-purpose solution which primarily provides the following features: ... Service discovery and Service Mesh features with Kubernetes. Secure communication and observability between the services.

Istio 1.8: A Smart DNS Proxy Takes Support for Virtual Machines a Step Further

Recent Istio upgrades have shown continuous optimizations in performance and user experience for a seamless experience of brownfield and greenfield apps. It is intended to be used with non-Kubernetes workloads like Virtual Machines and is meant to mimic the existing sidecar injection and ...

How to Choose a Service Mesh

Learn how to choose a Service Mesh. NGINX Service Mesh is officially production-ready! NGINX Service Mesh is free, optimized for developers, and the lightest. How to Choosing the Service Mesh That’s Right for Your Apps. We’re here to tell you that services Istio isn’t the only choice, nor is it the right choice for everyone or every use case.

Distributed SQL Summit Recap: Envoy and Service Meshes for Databases

In a microservice architecture, a service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer. Its primary function is to ensure that service-to-service contact is quick and reliable.. Check out our recap.

How to Integrate Virtual Machines into Istio Service Mesh

There are still many services deployed on virtual machines and APIs outside of the Kubernetes cluster that needs to be managed by Istio mesh.

SoloCon 2021: One API for Multiple Kubernetes Clusters and Microservices 

SoloCon 2021: One API for Multiple Kubernetes Clusters and Microservices. When shifting operations to a microservices architecture. Gloo Edge 2.0 represents the first “native Istio” API gateway. Gloo Edge, an Istio-integrated API gateway for multi-Kubernetes clusters at a service mesh level.

Service Meshes in the Cloud Native World

Service Meshes in the Cloud Native World. Service Mesh Products - A service mesh is a great problem solver when it comes to managing your cloud applications. How Does a Service Mesh Work? Hence the need for the service mesh. The increased complexity of the cloud-native world. Offers an Enterprise-Ready Istio Service Mesh as a Cloud Service

Touting the release as the “industry’s first” Istio Service-Mesh-as-a-Service, has launched Gloo Cloud, which offers the Gloo Mesh Istio service mesh and other tools minus the installation, maintenance and other associated operational tasks. 

Alibaba Cloud Uses Dapr to Support Its Business Growth

In a recent blog post, Sky Ao, a staff engineer at Alibaba Cloud, details how Alibaba Cloud uses the Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr) to supported its business growth. As business applications use standard HTTP and gRPC endpoints to address Dapr sidecars.

Michelle Noorali on the Service Mesh Interface Spec and Open Service Mesh Project

In this podcast, Michelle Noorali, senior software engineer at Microsoft, sat down with InfoQ podcast co-host Daniel Bryant. Topics discussed included: the service mesh interface (SMI) spec, the open service mesh (OSM) project, and the future of application development on Kubernetes.

Using Linkerd with YugabyteDB

Using Linkerd with YugabyteDB - Services meshes + distributed SQL are natural fits in K8s environments. See how to secure communication between services with YugabyteDB + Linkerd + mTLS.

gRPC Remote Procedure Calls in a Nutshell

gRPC Remote Procedure Calls in a Nutshell - gRPC (gRPC Remote Procedure Calls) is one of the most popular inter-process communication protocols in the modern microservices and cloud native era.

KubeCon+CloudNativeCon: Service Mesh Battle Stories and Fixes

KubeCon+CloudNativeCon: Service Mesh Battle Stories and Fixes. A few tried-and-tested best practices were detailed last month during KubeCon+CloudNativeCon.

Is Service Mesh Right for Your Infrastructure?

Is Service Mesh right for your Infrastructure? A Service Mesh doesn't replace a Kubernetes infrastructure. The idea between Service Mesh is to be the fabric underlying the service-to-=service connectivity and networking.

Mutual TLS: Securing Microservices in Service Mesh

Mutual TLS: Securing Microservices in Service Mesh. Mutual TLS (mTLS) secures communication between microservices in a service mesh. It uses cryptographically secure techniques to mutually authenticate individual microservices and encrypt the traffic between them.

NGINX Steps into the Service Mesh Fray Promising a Simpler Alternative

NGINX introduced the NGINX Service Mesh (NSM), a free and open source service mesh that uses NGINX Plus, the company's commercial version of its open source NGINX proxy, to power its data plane.

Conciliate the Tangled Mesh Using ISTIO

ISTIO, an open-source service mesh platform, makes service to service communication secure, efficient, and reliable. Check out the architecture and components.

Introducing NGINX Service Mesh

NGINX Service Mesh (NSM) is now available in a development release -- download it for free and give us your feedback! NSM is a fully integrated lightweight service mesh that leverages a data plane powered by NGINX Plus to manage container traffic in Kubernetes environments.

Service Mesh Era: Building Modern Apps with YugabyteDB and Istio

Microservices architectures are becoming the de facto way developers are thinking about how their applications are constructed.