Sessions with a React/Redux Frontend and Rails API Backend

One of the bigger challenges I took on was managing sessions with a decoupled frontend/backend. Rails makes sessions pretty easy to handle, IF EVERYTHING IS IN RAILS, but it gets a little more complicated when you use a different system for managing frontend behavior, particularly when interaction between the frontend and backend is asynchronous.

A Brief History of Web Authentication (part 2)

node.js guide to web authentication. So in the previous article, we discussed authentication procedures like encryption, hashing, salting, etc. Now that we have verified the user let's ...

Building Horizontal Scalable Stateful Applications With ASP.NET Core

In the tech world new technologies come and go. With technologies like Docker Engine and Kubernetes, scaling out of applications became easier than ever. This unfortunately doesn’t mean that applications are horizontal scalable out of the box. In this article the problems will be explained and solved with the .NET landscape in mind.

6 lessons we learned from feedback sessions in Figma | Bornfight | Blog

Real-time collaboration is all the rage now. Design tools nowadays are focusing more attention on collaboration rather than on creation features.

Session In Flutter

If You don’t want users to enter their information every time they open an app rather you would like to have them saved across the app lifecycle. That’s mean you want to store the user’s information and access it during the application lifetime.

Web Security: Sessions, and Tokens

Web security plays an important role in building websites and online applications. Learn more on how cookies, sessions and tokens are used.

| Lunchtime Sessions | Becoming a Modern Test Leader - QA Babble

QA Babble is organised by Woodrow Mercer and presented on YouTube by Pusher. Baptism of Fire - Becoming a Modern Test Leader with Simon Prior Having been in