In Database Machine Learning — Made Simple

In this article, we're going to walk you through building and deploying a Machine Learning model into a database using familiar tools.

Learn C by writing a simple game

This "guess the number" game is a great introductory program when learning a new programming language. Here's how to write it in C.

Cohort Analysis : Simplified, Actionable

To Improve Customer Retention and Reduce Churn. I've read a lot of articles and blogs on cohort analysis, churn and customer retention, most of them are very technical & hard to understand.

Dead Simple Authorization Technique Based on HTTP Verbs

Authorization is a basic feature of modern web applications. It’s a mechanism of specifying access rights or privileges to resources according to user roles.

Change Your Site’s Color Scheme with an Awesome Colorpicker in Vue.js 🎨

This article is about creating a global colorpicker for your Vue.js application quickly and easily. In the colorpicker you can select certain colors, which then determine the look of the application.

Flutter: i18n Made Easy

Flutter: i18n Made Easy. At the time of writing, the “basic” i18n approach in Flutter is complicated and heavyweight. That’s why I decided to start my own library: fast_i18n

Multiple Linear Regression Explained

What is Multiple Linear Regression?

Bar Chart Basics with Python’s Matplotlib

When properly presented, and they make it easy to compare categories, visualize trends, missing values, and anomalies.