Can AlphaZero play Curling? 🥌

Curling, chess on ice, is infinitely harder than chess. But AlphaZero has been mostly applied to games that are played on a board with squares.

Create Your Own Quantum Mechanics Simulation With Python

Create Your Own Quantum Mechanics Simulation With Python - For today’s recreational coding exercise, we will look at quantum mechanical systems, in particular, the Schrodinger-Poisson equations. We will create a simulation for the evolution of a wavefunction under its self-potential. Such a system may describe certain superfluids/Bose-Einstein condensate or exotic dark matter.

Optimizing Ambulance Response Time Using Uber Movement Data

Optimizing Ambulance Response Time Using Uber Movement Data. In this report, I compare various ambulance fleet management strategies to minimize their response time. Based on real-life data, I analyze then compare the findings of the simulation against the benchmark of EMS response time in London.

A computational approach to the Prisoner’s Dilemma

A computational approach to the Prisoner’s Dilemma. What is the best decision to make in this crime-infused “sticky situation?”

How simulating social networks revealed why I have no friends, and also no free time

How Simulating Social Networks Revealed Why I Have No Friends, and also No Free Time. When is the friendship paradox really a paradox?

Simulating Plague Infection in a Strategy Game

Simulating Plague Infection in a Strategy Game. Approximating probabilities from a turn-based strategy game with the binomial distribution.

Seven Must-Know Statistical Distributions and Their Simulations for Data Science

This article will introduce the seven most important statistical distributions, show their Python simulations with either the Numpy library embedded functions or with a random variable generator, discuss the relationships among different distributions and their applications in data science.

Create Your Own Finite Volume Fluid Simulation (With Python)

Create Your Own Finite Volume Fluid Simulation (With Python). For today's recreational coding exercise, we will simulate the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability with the Finite Volume method.

Understanding Python Multithreading and Multiprocessing via Simulation

Learning-by-doing: a simple simulation can help with better understand complicated ideas like multithreading and multiprocessing. In this article, I want to provide a simple simulation for anyone who wants to explore the concepts further and test it out on their own laptop.

Simulating a Turing Machine with Python and executing programs on it

In this article, we shall implement a basic version of a Turing Machine in python and write a few simple programs to execute them on the Turing machine.

Data Mining — A Focus on Apriori Algorithm

Comprehension of the undervalued machine learning algorithm + simulation (with GUI) using Python. So here we are diving into the world of data mining this time, let’s begin with a small but informative definition.

Multidimensional Scaled Brownian Bridge — Properties & Simulation

A well-known market phenomenon in the futures market is that the futures prices may deviate from the spot price of the underlying asset.

Simulation is Everywhere!

Simulation can and has been used in a variety of domains, e.g., video games, training, animation, research, robotics, city planning, etc.

When Machine Learning and Physics Collide

Simulating real world physics with graph network. A while ago, I was browsing through arXiv’s recent paper submissions in Machine Learning when I came across an interesting title.

Bridging the Gap Between Machine Learning and CAE

Importance of Machine Learning in Computer-Aided Engineering. Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) is a tool that supports finding the outcome by applying a discrete solution of partial differential equations for the phenomena to be analyzed.

DDoS simulation in NS-3 [C++]

Simulation of typical DDoS attack in ns3 discrete network simulator. [C++.]. This article is about coding a Distributed Denial of Service Attack simulation in NS-3 discrete event network simulator. Why do we need it? Because visual representation of basic concepts which you can play around with is better right?

Simulating racial segregation with Go

Exploring racial segregation with Schelling’s spatial proximity model. Even as the pandemic is sweeping around the world, the underlying tensions within the racial inequality and divide in US has bubbled over due to the killing of George Floyd.

Using Mathematical Modeling to Simulate an Epidemic

Exploring and visualizing the SIR model

The Birthday Problem

A simple, but confusing mathematical problem. Let me start the article by asking a question. Suppose, there’s a group of 23 people.

The statistics of Blackjack

The statistics of Blackjack. Exposing Blackjack odds and optimal strategy through data analytics with R. Let’s find out through a simple statistical analysis!