JavaScript Algorithm: How to Reverse Linked List

In this JavaScript tutorial, you'll learn how to Reverse Linked List. There are two approaches to reverse a singly linked list: iterative and recursive. Each node of Linked list will have two attributes: value & next, and linked list will have head, tail and length attribute.

Editing a Singly Linked List

Building on the previous discussion, we will now dive into editing that singly linked list. If you are not familiar with the code and terminology covered in the previous article it is recommended you review Building a Singly Linked List.

Building a Singly Linked List

Data Structures in JavaScript. C programming, exercises, solution : Write a program in C to create and display Singly Linked List. Linked lists are a favorite of many interviewers to test an interviewees understanding of basic data structures as well as your problem solving skills.

Learning Data Structure — 02 Linked List

Learning Data Structure — 02 Linked List. However, we also have looked into its drawbacks too. Then what substitute data structure for array? The one of the answer is Linked List.

Singly Linked Lists with java

While prepping for my first interview, I spent a lot of time covering data structures as I understand they’re a very popular topic in interview questions.

A Discussion on Singly Linked List

The data structure for grouping and storing similar items together in most programming languages is used as an array, also known as a list.