How to Install the Django Web Framework on Ubuntu 20.04

Django is a Python-based web framework used for developing database-driven websites. It encourages rapid development and clean design.

Building a Static Website with Hugo

In this video, I'll be showing you how to get started with Hugo🔴 Subscribe for more

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Host Mutilple Sites on One Server Using Apache | Liquid Web

Do you need to host more than one website on your server? You'll be able to do that using Apache's Virtual Host file. In our tutorial, we'll show you how to configure Apache to serve out multiple sites from one IP.If you are hosting more than one site on a server, then you most likely use Apache’s virtual host files to state which domain should be served out. Name based virtual hosts are one of the methods used to resolve site requests.

Drupal Layout Builder. How We Built a Platform with Color/Theme Management

Struggling with the choice of the best approach when implementing a Drupal project? Let’s go through the essential pains that every Drupal developer experiences and see Layout Builder may be the best way to go based on the finished case. In...

Drupal Multisite for B2B - How It Works | Anyforsoft

Learn the specifics of Drupal multisites that can help your own B2B solution overcome many unnecessary business obstacles, cutting cost and time expenses.

How to Enable Offline Mode for Your Gatsby Site

One of the reasons we create JAMstack sites is because of their great performance. Serving static files is easy and quick. But what if we upgrade the visitor's experience and make the site available offline?

How to make your Magento site faster | SOFTLOFT

We have already posted an article on this subject. But the issue is so sensitive that we decided to discuss it again in more detail. Magento eCommerce platform

Tool for Enabling or Disabling Nginx Sites

Tool for enabling or disabling nginx sites

Magento Image Cache: How to Save Gigabytes | SOFTLOFT

This is a story of how we saved 250Gb of disk space and kept saving it simply by choosing not to cache resized images on a hard drive.

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Today, most everyone knows what blockchain is and how it approximately works. The number of projects based on this prominent tech concept is growing exponentially (statistics indicate that in 2018, $1.5 billion was invested in blockchain-based...

Why Choose Drupal For Blog?

People are always interested in the news but in recent years, print media is becoming less and less popular. This is a global trend. People prefer social media networks and other online sources. The most successful bloggers can compete with...


Before diving into real use cases of blockchain in IoT and vice versa, let's briefly outline the definitions of these two terms. Thus, as comes from its name, a blockchain is a chain of blocks, each of which is marked by the time of its creation,...


The joint use of the blockchain and IoT is a handy way to go if you need to guarantee the security and invariance of the data in your project. Described below are some typical deployment scenarios for blockchain IoT applications. ULTRA-RELIABLE...

Must-haves of Successful Drupal Site

**Top 6 Pro Tips To Help You Make Your Drupal Site Competitive ** Drupal is among the most popular CMS's, beloved worldwide for its reliability, scalability, flexibility, and security. Moreover, having a huge tech support community and open source...