How to Create a Multisignature Smart Contracts on Tezos (XTZ)

The second video lesson in the free online course Smart Contract Development on the Tezos Blockchain Platform. Mikhail Degtiarev, the blockchain developer at Attic Lab, talks about how to begin coding a multisignature smart contract on Tezos, protect it from Reply Attack and write an execution logic

A smart contract application is an automated software program

Eliminate the need for trusted third parties by consulting our robust smart contract development services company. We render an Ethereum smart contract that is highly immutable, transparent, efficient, and ensures secure storage of data with a self-auditing mechanism.

Using Frontier to Build an Ethereum Compatible Substrate Based Chain

Learn and runing Ethereum smart contracts on a Substrate-based blockchain with tools such as truffle and metamask

ink! 3.0: A Rust & Smart Contracts Love Story

How to build a smart contracts with Ink! 3.0 on Substrate. In this talk, Robin Freyler presents the newest features that ink! 3.0 offers to users

Getting Started with Smart Contracts on Substrate with Ink!

Substrate Smart Contracts Tutorial. Learn to build Wasm Smart Contracts with Ink! on Substrate