Top AI-based Smartphones Released In 2020

2020 saw a range of AI-based smartphones across brands and price ranges introduced. Here we list the most prominent ones

'Biggest Leap': Qualcomm Introduces Range Of AI Capabilities In New Snapdragon Processor

Qualcomm has announced the release of the Snapdragon 888, which is its latest 5G-equipped flagship smartphone processor.

What is Geofencing and How Does it Work?

Geofencing is location-based services that work to track the user who enters the mainly defined boundary. Know what is Geofencing and how it works.

Will the Surface Duo’s Stunning Design Be What Holds It Back?

Past Surface launches give us insight into where the Duo can go from here

13 Reasons Why I Switched Back to an iPhone

Still, my obsession with the iPhone never faded. That coupled with the fact that no one I knew had an iPhone, I thought it would be a great status symbol.

How To Find a Perfect Phone

My teacher once told me in school, “Your shoe reflects a lot about your personality,” which seemed weird because our school forced us all to wear the same shoe.

No, Your Smartphone Isn’t Secretly Listening to You

Your smartphone spies on you but not how you think. Despite the endless conspiracy theories, there isn’t any actual evidence that Google, Facebook.

TikTok Surreptitiously Collected Android User Data Using Google-Prohibited Tactic

App concealed the practice of gathering device unique identifiers using an added layer of encryption.

OnePlus Nord: The Phone You Should Not Buy!

I have to admit, since day one, OnePlus was really good at one thing; and apparently that was marketing and overhyping their products.

How to install the iOS 14 public beta on your phone

How to install the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 public beta. With the launch of the public beta, anyone with a compatible iPhone or iPad can sign up to

Why We Buy New Phones When The Old Ones Work — TechVirtuosity

There are also several answers and several reasons to why you would buy a new phone. The question was towards smartphones but any cellular or even mobile device qualifies. There are several reasons why people buy a new phone even when their old one still works. Here’s a few reasons to why!

The Need to Change the Smartphone Design Cycle

Smartphone designs change every year for the sake of change. That needs to change.