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5 Reasons Why We Need Explainable Artificial Intelligence

5 Reasons Why We Need Explainable Artificial Intelligence. What is explainable artificial intelligence (XAI), and why do we seek explainability & interpretability in AI systems?

Deep Learning and the End of Social Science

The claim that AI could undermine scientific understanding, or even make it obsolete, is far from new. Deep Learning and the End of Social Science. What happens when computers know people better than they know themselves?

Data Science Salary Guide [USA]

Data Science Salary Guide [USA]. Machine learning engineers are also responsible for scaling theoretical data science models to production-level models that can handle vast amounts of data in real time.

Is Infinite Scroll the Slot Machine of the New Generation?

Is Infinite Scroll the Slot Machine of the New Generation? The infinite scroll paradox and how Instagram fixed—then ruined it — for users.

Is Artificial Intelligence White?

Racial inequality exacerbated by “‘white AI”. The “whiteness” of artificial intelligence (AI) removes people of colour from the way humanity thinks about its technology-enhanced future, researchers argue.

The First Scientific Utopia Still Matters 400 Years Later

‘New Atlantis’, Francis Bacon’s pioneering work of proto-science fiction, has just been reissued. Here’s why it still matters.

How Language Models Will Redefine our Lives

In May 2020, a team of researchers at OpenAI released a landmark AI model called GPT-3. The latter is a language model trained on 570 gigabytes worth of textual data: as a result, GPT-3 is as of August 2020 the most massive publicly released language model in terms of both training data and generative capabilities.

I’m Learning to Love Twitter

It’s a platform where everyone with a phone and a wifi connection has a voice. I don’t need to scroll very long in group chat conversations or conversations with people to hear them say something bad about Twitter. It often has to do with how their life improved after they stopped using Twitter, or how their mental health improved since they went off of Twitter, and the fact that I would be better off with my life if I just purged Twitter.

Autonomous Vehicles Can Change the Way We Work, Live and Utilize Data

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) essentially refers to driving without any human interaction and would revolutionize the way we work and live.

The importance of asking the right questions

The importance of asking the right questions: Especially if you are a data scientist. We live in a world that values answers. We were taught in school to learn how to answer questions in exams.

This is the Reason why China Will Dominate the AI Race

This Is the Reason Why China Will Dominate the AI Race. The US might be leading the AI race today, but China is taking measures to quickly catch up.

Understanding Happiness Dynamics with Machine Learning

In this perspective, I relied on two approaches: one ‘traditional’ approach commonly used in the field of economics and a new approach based on the state of the art Machine Learning interpretation tools.

Dinosaurs in the room—a story of digital outcasts

And why Internet access could be more important than food

Addressing Racial Bias in AI: A Guide for Curious Minds

Addressing Racial Bias in AI: A Guide for Curious Minds. Want to learn about algorithmic equity but not sure where to start? Here is a curated list of readings, podcasts and videos.

Are you affected by biases?

Incontrovertible data, even proposed by Google itself without you having to click on any link. And just to be even more unassailable, the relative date is also provided. 2016.

My Pandemic Safety Net

There were a lot of financial promises made at the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, including stimulus packages, support for small businesses, pandemic relief, food programs, temporary rent relief, and so much more. I hadn’t seen any of this promised financial assistance until this week, when Facebook approved my small business grant of $2500.