How Microsoft Privatized Open Source And Killed JavaScript in the Process

After Microsoft’s blitzkrieg take-over, the Open-Source JavaScript community as we know it is coming to an end. It’s a ‘secret’ war with high-tech propaganda.

5 Things Every Software Developer Should Know About GIT

5 Things Every Software Developer Should Know About GIT - As a professional software developer working in a team with other developers is challenging. Working on the same codebase with other developers can complicate things.

Developer or Engineer? Does It Make a Difference?

To summarise the main differences between the software developer and engineer: A developer executes. ... So the software developer is mainly focused on developing code that is a part of software development cycle. An engineer designs and plans applying the principles of engineering to software development.

Interested in Learning to Program? 13 Reasons to Start Now

Software development is something that is gaining popularity at lightning speed with the development of technology. The demand for regular developers is high compared to most other mainstream professions. But, what are the other reasons for learning to code?

It's Time: Become A Professional Programmer Now!

Software development is one of the jobs that — depending on your responsibilities and how good you are at your job — generally come with good pay.

What is a Software Application Cache? | System Desi

The term 'Cache' is an overloaded term that is applicable in hardware, browsers, backend applications, and more. In this video, I explain to you what an application level cache is and why it is a useful performance optimization technique for distributed systems.

5 Regrets a Developer Shouldn’t Have

We all live with our regrets, but no one is ready to die with them. As a software developer, I’ve seen a lot of people having tons of regret and it breaks my heart.

Software developer interview

Do you need to have an interview with someone? Read about the good and bad practices in a “nutshell”.

Grouping Array Elements With Dictionary in Swift

In Swift 5, Apple introduced a “grouping by” dictionary initializer. According to the documentation, the initializer has a definition of: Creates a new dictionary whose keys are the groupings returned by the given closure and whose values are arrays of the elements that returned each key.