5 Datasets to Inspire Your Next Data Science Project

Looking for a dataset to use? Look no further… In this article, I will present you with five options of datasets—one for each of the 5 aspects of data science.

Preventing Cascading Failures in Distributed Systems

Cascading failures can quickly bring down entire distributed systems and can be very hard to recover from, potentially leading to extended outages or downtime. Although recovering from such failures can be challenging, there are some steps we can take to reduce the risk of cascading failures.

Understanding Python: Part 3

All you need to know about the very interesting “Data Structures” in python programming. we will be focussing more on the “advanced data types”(list, tuple, set, and dictionary) wherein a variable can hold more than one element.

How to Build a Pokédex App with React and a Slash GraphQL Backend

In this article, we're going to walk through some of the basic setup for Slash GraphQL and then take a look at how I built a Pokémon Pokédex app with React and Slash GraphQL in just a few hours!

Designing Cassandra Data Models 101

Fundamentals you should know before designing your first Cassandra data models to get blazing fast I/O performance.

Time-Series Data in MongoDB and Python

In this post we will explore Time series Data in MongoDB and Python. MongoDB is a document database where you can store data directly in JSON format. It is very simple to start and create an application using MongoDB. Yet it is a powerful tool.

Testing in React, : End-to-End Testing with Cypress

In contrast to testing rendered components (such as with React Testing Library, Enzyme, and Jest), end-to-end testing tests the entire workflow of a web application, from start to finish. This is where Cypress comes in.

Heroku and CircleCI : Automated CI/CD Process for a NuxtJS

Published with permission from Alvin Lee. Manually deploying a NuxtJS project is pretty easy when teams are small. However, as projects and teams grow they usually turn to CI/CD in their DevOps to automate their testing and deployment. This is when deployments—and the setup of deployments—can get complicated.

Micro Frontends, Role-Based Applications, and You

Microservices are great — single-responsibility, domain-specific APIs that are independently iterable. A major web application can be composed of tens to hundreds to even thousands of these little guys.

(What Happens When) You Enter a Web Address Into a Browser?

We do it every day. But what are we doing? The client-server model describes how a server provides resources and services to one or more clients. Examples of servers include web servers, mail servers, and file servers.

5 Myths Stopping you From Becoming a Software Engineer

#3. You Need a Computer Science Degree.Learning to code is cool. You get to understand how computers work. You start to see that you can learn to speak to them. You gain access to the genie underneath the hood.

How To Reduce Software Development Costs

Mobile and web applications are worth investment as their use can help you achieve various goals, for instance, improve customer service, increase the conversion rate, provide security of sensitive data, automate manual, routine, and repetitive activities.

Optimize Nodejs with Gulp and Brotli

In this article, we’re going to build a server-rendered application in Nodejs by implementing: Asset minification and compression using Gulp and Brotli. A development environment where assets are minified and compressed in real-time. A build process that can make distributable assets for deployment. Make a custom build pipeline for minifying and compressing your assets. Optimize Nodejs with Gulp and Brotli

Structuring ML Pipeline Projects

An organised codebase enables you to implement changes faster and make less mistakes, ultimately leading to higher code and model quality. Read more to learn how to structure your ML projects with Tensorflow Extended (TFX), the easy and straightforward way.

How to spot the wrong abstraction

DRY is a coding acronym, it’s short for Don’t Repeat Yourself, and I have a bone to pick with it. Some of the most painful work of my career has revolved around tidying up the mess left behind by hardcore DRY practitioners.

Looping in Python

Looping in Python. How to use the enumerate() function in python.

We need Deno in the browser! 🦕

Micro-front-ends (MFEs) is a UI architecture philosophy. It’s been gaining traction recently, but it brings a lot of unanswered questions as well. MFEs have emerged alongside micro-service back-end architecture, and as such have a lot of aligned ideas.

Move Business Logic out of Application Using Hyperon Engine

Well-written multitier applications consist of multiple layers. The most widespread three-tier architecture divides our code into a presentation, business and data access tiers. Like it or not, but the business layer is where we, developers, spend the most time on a daily basis. This is the place where all processes and decisions our application depends on take place. Therefore, requirements for the business layer change more often than in any other layer. What hurts us, developers, most is that with every change, even the smallest ones, we need to recompile and rebuild our app. It usually takes a piece of the valuable time that we could use for more interesting things. What if we could move a business logic out of our code and let non-technician people change it?

4 Software Development Techniques to Level up Your Data Science Project

4 Software Development Techniques to Level up Your Data Science Project. Make your project clearer, more efficient, and more professional

How to Build User Interfaces for Big Data

How to Build User Interfaces for Big Data. Design and develop highly performant UIs that don’t crack under pressure.