Key Factors for Choosing Custom Software Development Company

In today's digital world, all businesses need a reliable technology partner to look after custom software development and technology business needs. Herein comes the need for proper selection criteria and the process involved in selecting an appropriate custom software development company that fits your budget and provides a solution to your technical requirements to boost the digital growth of your business.

Here are some Critical or Key-Factors that you may consider while selecting a Custom Software Development Company:
1. Accurate Web Research
2. Service based Company selection
3. Portfolio Examination
4. Evaluate Engagement Models
5. Meetings and Discussions
6. Understanding Technology Platform
7. Company Location Feasibility 
8. Line up with Security Standards
9. Post-Development Support Availability
10. Communication and Transparency

Thus, to sum-up, these Critical or Key-Factors as suggested by experts, shall make your process of choosing an appropriate custom software development solution smooth, easy, and hassle-free.
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Key Factors for Choosing Custom Software Development Company

Optimize & Scale your business delivery by hiring dedicated software d

Looking for offshore developers?

Hire dedicated developers and programmers from globally trusted agile software development company - World Web Technology Pvt. Ltd., India on flexible developer hiring model, for software, web, and apps.

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Optimize & Scale your business delivery by hiring dedicated software d

Anna Sharland


India vs. Poland: Which Country Provides the Best Software Outsourcing

Both countries offer excellent Custom Software Development outsourcing services, but there are some key differences between them that should be considered before deciding on a country to work with long-term.

Read more here -


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Emma Jhonoson

Emma Jhonoson


Hire Top Software Developers | Offshore Software Programmers / Coders

Planning to outsource software services? Or want to hire a team of custom software developers? Get in touch with #ValueCoders they provide best offshore software developer in India 


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Best Software Development Company in Pune

Software development is the first step to digitalization. Companies that want to become relevant to their target audience must have an application that serves their needs. Today, digital channels like software solutions are important for companies to leverage technology for operational benefits.

BoTree Technologies is a top software development company in Pune, acting as a software partner for clients in 10+ countries. The company has successfully delivered 200+ projects in Ruby on Rails, Python, FinTech, Healthcare, Insurance, Cross-Platform Mobile App, amongst many others. It has a team of 80+ software developers who have expertise in technical, domain, and industry-based skills. The company offers dedicated software developers to work on projects of varying complexity and requirements.

At BoTree Technologies, innovation is at the core of the engineering processes. The team offers swift communication and complete transparency while following the agile methods to build world-class software solutions. 

Learn more about them on their website. 

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Best Software Development Company in Pune

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Best Software Development Company in Bangalore

Today, company’s require IT solutions to lead the digital world. They need applications to stay relevant. Most customers want digitized methods of connecting with companies. Software products and solutions provide a way to deliver offerings digitally and engage customers without any hassle. 

BoTree Technologies is the best software development company in Bangalore with a focus on engineering products for growing enterprises. The company has a team of 80+ software developers who work on different technologies like Ruby on Rails, Python, React Native, Angular, .NET, Java, and more. Their experience in building products for industries like Insurance, Finance, Healthcare, Logistics, Real Estate, E-commerce, amongst many others. BoTree has presence in 10+ countries, and the company has successfully served 200+ clients over the past 9 years.

The company focuses on innovative approaches to software development. They are available 24x7, and work according to the client’s timezone. 

Learn more about the company’s software services on their website.

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Best Software Development Company in Bangalore

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Best Software Development Company in USA

The software development industry is booming as companies move towards digitization. Web and mobile applications are important to reach digital customers. If enterprises want to become relevant and have a great online presence, then software solutions are a necessity.

BoTree Technologies is a leading software development company in USA with a team of 80+ developers. It has successfully delivered 200+ solutions over the past 9 years. BoTree’s popularity in the US is due to its dynamic work culture, swift communication, and the ability to deliver projects on time. It has domain experts in FinTech, HealthTech, Insurance, Logistics, Real Estate, E-commerce, and multiple other fields. They guide companies through the process of engineering high-quality products. The company works in technologies like Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, React, Laravel, Angular, .NET, amongst several others.

As a leading custom software company in US, BoTree has served clients in 10+ countries. It has been consistently recognized by Clutch, TechReviewer, and GoodFirms as one of the top software, web, and mobile development companies in various categories.

Learn more about the company by visiting their website.

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Best Software Development Company in USA

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Best Software Development Company in Milan

Software development requires experts who can develop high-quality solutions. Today, most companies need software to stay relevant to the online customers. It is important to have a strong digital presence. Apart from that, software solutions also enable process optimization, leading companies to achieve efficiencies and economies of scale.

At BoTree Technologies, the best software development company in Milan, Italy, they have a team of 80+ software developers, dedicated to building sustainable and high-quality software solutions. With their experience of 10+ years and successful service delivery to 200+ clients, BoTree is sure that their team will make a difference through its high-quality software development methodology. Its unique approach to solution building and the attitude of innovation ensures that we deliver 100% unique software that engages the users.

Today, enterprises need high-quality software to centralize their operations. On the other hand, they need B2C solutions to connect with their customers and build an organization that is available 24x7 for them. BoTree’s experts can help companies build such solutions and enable them to lead in the industry. 

Contact the company to learn more about its experts.

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Best Software Development Company in Milan
Emma Jhonoson

Emma Jhonoson


Top Custom Software Development company | Best Software Development Firm India

ValueCoders is one of the leading custom software development company in India, They have a strong software development service with experience in a variety of sets of technologies ranging from mobility, internet to blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more. Explore the core technologies in which our development team has extensive experience.

For more details:

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Top Custom Software Development company | Best Software Development Firm India
Clark Robin

Clark Robin


Hire Offshore Developers | Top Offshore Software Development Companies

With the rapid evolution in technology, businesses are almost suffering to keep up with the constant advances. While being agile and leveraging these advances can scale up your business and increase profits, staying on top of the ever-expanding market can be quite a task.

We've researched and ranked the top-performing offshore software development companies that build robust solutions that help businesses manage their operations more effectively and efficiently. Use our filter to compare agencies by price, location, reviews and size and choose the best partner for your needs. 

What is an offshore software development team you may ask? It essentially involves a course of action made by a business to enlist the help of third-party organizations or contractors to do the product-related work that could have been done in-house.


  1. Auxano Global Services
  2. SaM Solutions
  3. Spire Digital
  4. 3Advance
  5. CronJ IT Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  6. PromptBytes
  7. Digital works
  8. Waverley Software
  9. Mobile Roadie
  10. Shakuro

1.Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services Private Limited is an offshore mobile and web development company. Our main focus is to deliver highly sophisticated and quality-oriented IT-based solutions. Our services include the development of web applications, desktop applications, wearable app, game development, mobile applications, UI/UX Design, and Digital marketing. Our state-of-the-art technology for web application and mobile application development aims to promote business in the current competitive market. We believe that nurturing a relationship with customers is a crucial part of growing a successful business.

2.SaM Solutions

Welcome to SaM Solutions to get the most out of digital transformation that relies on high-end talents and technology excellence! we have been providing first-grade digital experiences to help SMEs and large enterprises get the most out of digital transformation. With 1000+ projects under our belt, we provide up-to-date digital experiences that combine advanced technology, uncompromised quality and quick time-to-market. We focus on software engineering, IoT development, the creation of mobile apps, content management systems and eCommerce solutions. In our work, we apply efficient technologies and techniques, among which are agile and cloud-based development, DevOps and machine learning.

3. Spire Digital

Spire Digital is a Denver-based digital product development firm that transforms business through design and technology. For over 20 years, we've provided strategic consulting, user experience design, custom software development, DevOps, digital marketing, and staff augmentation to the world's top companies. Whether web, mobile, IoT, wearables, AR/VR, AI, or blockchain, Spire helps startups and enterprises succeed at the art of innovation.

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Hire Offshore Developers | Top Offshore Software Development Companies
Mariya James

Mariya James


Why React Native Is the Best Mobile App Framework

When you want to grow your business smartly or upgrade your talent exposure, the best move is to add technology into your strategies. Create a mobile application and bring your business planning to the next level. For that, React Native could be your choice for building software or hybrid apps.

React Native is a JavaScript-based mobile app framework developed by Facebook. It works on the principle: write once, use it everywhere. It eliminates the need to create different programs for different platforms such as iOS or Android.

Read more in Detail HERE:




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Why React Native Is the Best Mobile App Framework

Sam Watt


Top Web Development Company in Italy 2021

Web development requires technical, innovative, and soft skills to achieve successful results. Building web applications requires careful consideration of the project requirements and identifying whether the web app can fulfill a market need. Therefore, experts are needed to assess how web application development impacts the company’s operations.

BoTree Technologies is one of the top 100 web development companies in Italy. It has a team of 80+ developers who build dynamic, rapid, and high-performing web apps. They have served 200+ clients in 10+ industries, building web apps that have won awards and received recognition from leading companies across the world. Today, BoTree operates in Italy as a leader in web development, offering solutions that leave an impact.

Web development is a long term process. Therefore, sustenance is important. As one of the top custom software development companies in Italy, BoTree builds sustainable products that help enterprises thrive. The team provides constant support and works according to the timezone of their clients. 

Learn more about their experts by contacting the company.

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Top Web Development Company in Italy 2021

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Top Ruby on Rails Developers in Italy

Even in 2021, Ruby on Rails developers are one of the best choices for startups and enterprises looking to build dynamic apps and MVPs, respectively. The top Ruby on Rails developers in Italy provide Rails app development, deployment, and migration. They reduce the app development time by 25% to 40%.

One of the best Ruby on Rails development firms in Italy, BoTree Technologies offers dedicated Rails developers who act as your in-house team. They have the necessary technical and soft skills to engineer products that leave an impact. The company has 10+ years of experience in delivering 200+ successful Ruby on Rails projects. 

Ruby on Rails is perfect for e-commerce, FinTech, HealthTech, InsurTech, social networking, entertainment, real estate, and almost all industries. BoTree has worked in all industries, and has an extensive portfolio. It has presence in 10+ countries worldwide with an ever expanding client base. 

For more information, connect with their Ruby on Rails developers.

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Top Ruby on Rails Developers in Italy

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Best React Native Development Company in Italy

React Native is one of the top frameworks for building mobile applications. The best react native development company in Italy can develop cross-platform apps using React Native and save around 35% of the time and cost involved in developing mobile apps.

At BoTree Technologies, there is a team of 30+ React Native developers who have expertise in iOS and Android development using React Native. They have built highly engaging apps for mobile in various industries, including social networking, entertainment, real estate, FinTech, logistics, and more. 

Today, React Native is an emerging technology in the tech industry in Italy. It makes sense to hire an expert who can build apps by reusing a singular codebase. React Native enables developing native UI components that can be used in both iOS and Android alike, without compromising on the quality of the app. Build your application faster and on a budget by working with a top software development company in Italy for React Native applications.

To know more about them, contact the experts.

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Best React Native Development Company in Italy

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How to Hire Programmers for Startups in 5 Easy Steps?

Are you confused about how to hire programmers for your startup? I think knowing that you are not alone might help.

Itruly understand that if you are a non-technical person, the prospect of how to hire programmers is a grim one

Many questions must be running in your mind like “How do I know if the person I am hiring is right?”, especially when you are a startup where risking money on a wrong person is not an option.

We all know that developers own Harry’s wand and work magic over the internet, but that’s only when you hire the right programmers for your business.

Hire developers in India

But since you are reading this blog I assume you are looking for the answer to “How to hire programmers for startup companies in 5 easy steps?” and this blog is the answer to all your problems.

Prerequisites to follow before hiring programmers:
Outline your project requirements before hiring developers so that you know what exactly you are looking for.

Now, we are all set to begin with our blog.

Read the full blog here

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How to Hire Programmers for Startups in 5 Easy Steps?