Contract-oriented, high-level language for implementing smart contracts.

Eternal Storage : Building Dapps For the Future | Hacker Noon

TLDR: Eternal Storage provides the stable and flexible base needed to build and maintain long-lived decentralized applications. Once deployed to a network, smart contract logic cannot be altered. However, developers are not perfect.

Building Serverless Smart Contract Automation Project

Why we need off-chain smart contract automation? How to deploy serverless functions with the Serverless framework? Use cases for smart contract automation. ‘Smart contracts’ is a misnomer. Smart contracts on Ethereum are not self-executing digital agreements. Smart contract code only run when triggered by an external account.

How to Make API calls on Blockchain

How to make API calls, HTTP GET/POST requests, get external data, what an oracle is, and how to code it. With Ethereum/solidity examples.

How to Simply Deploy a Smart Contract on Ethereum

Part 1.At the core of the Ethereum blockchain lies the concept of smart contracts.

How To Build A Blockchain App with Ethereum, Web3.js & Solidity Smart Contracts

I’m going to show you how to create your first blockchain application with Ethereum, Web3.js, and Solidity smart contracts. You don’t have to know anything about blockchain to follow along. I’ll teach you from scratch. Use this step-by-step guide with code examples and written instructions to start your blockchain developer journey today! How To Build A Blockchain App with Ethereum, Web3.js & Solidity Smart Contracts

How to Code a Multi-Sig Wallet in Solidity

In this video I will explain what a mutli-sig wallet is and show you how to write one in Solidity. Some features will be left as an exercise for you to compl...

Testing with Truffle - Multi-Sig Wallet in Solidity (0.5)

This video with show you how to write a test for a smart contract using Truffle. I will show you two examples, testing that a function works and testing that a function will fail when we expect it to fail. We will be testing the multi-sig wallet contract.

How to Use an ERC-20 Token with Solidity (0.6)

ERC20 token contract has several functions that you must know how to use. In this video I will explain how to use those functions, transfer, approve and transferFrom.

Building Blockchain App using Ethereum Smart Contracts and Solidity

Learn how to build a blockchain app using Ethereum smart contracts in this full tutorial course for beginners.

Building a Blockchain with Python - Full

Why is Python good for Blockchain? Learnning Python by Building a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Can Blockchain and Privacy Save Facebook?

There’s no doubt that Facebook is going big with private communication. But to truly succeed with this new business model, the company must rethink the way it monetizes content across its platform.

Deploy solidity contract with c#

I am developing an application on&nbsp;<strong><em>Ethereum</em></strong>&nbsp;blockchain. I use&nbsp;<strong><em>Solidity</em></strong>&nbsp;for contract and&nbsp;<strong><em>Nethereum c#</em></strong>&nbsp;library to connect to the contract. I am somehow new in Ethereum and it is my first app in blockchain!! I want to deploy my app in one&nbsp;<strong><em>TESTChain</em></strong>&nbsp;first,

Code not compiling in nodejs,throws out an unexpected error(Web3.js)

I tried following this&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">repo</a>:-

Return private value from contract

I need help with returning private string value in smart contract. This value has to be available only to paid account.

how to initialize Empty array in stuct [Solidity]

I am suffering to initialize an empty array for struct when a struct is made.

The javascript function is returning a promise and the promise is used in the solidity function which gives the error of invalid arguments

I am trying to make a Dapp which maintains the various versions of a trade(new versions are created when we update the data of trade). I am using javascript we3.js api to call my solidity functions through javascript. I have a function which displays the data when we search using a field called 'client'. When I am clicking the button to search on basis of client, it returns an error. I am using promises in javascript, but it seems to me that the javascript function is returning a promise which is undefined to solidity function. But after the error the javascript function is returning the expected values(I checked using console.log).

Truffle installation issue “-bash : truffle: command not found”

i'm trying to set up the environment for developing dapps on my mac using&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"></a>&nbsp;tutorial. upon installing truffle, i am unable to use truffle commands from project directories. i think there is some issue with setting up the path variable or truffle not being a global installation. Here is the output from the console

How do I build an HTML solution in Solidity

There is a code for a simple conversion (Farenheit to Celcius) in HTML. I am working to recreate the same thing in Solidity. I would need some pointers in making it work. The solidity Code is as follows:&nbsp;

How does Ethereum Smart Contract work on Mobile Client

I want to deploy a smart contract on server and interact with it using mobile client. I'm not familiar with how does that work but after some research, I found something like below:&nbsp;