How To Convert React Application To SolidJS

In this video we'll take a look at a new frontend framework Solid. It's API is very similar to ReactJS, it supports Context, Hooks and JSX. Let's try to remake a simple React application to Solid.js.

SolidJS: Reactivity to Rendering

An in depth look at building Solid's reactive renderer, piece by piece, from the ground up. We've seen reactivity make its mark in several JavaScript UI frameworks from React to Angular and everything in between. Perhaps you've used MobX in a React project, or wired up reactive templates in Vue. Maybe you've used RxJS with Angular. Or had Svelte compile its reactive system into your unsuspecting code. SolidJS is a UI rendering library that takes the unique approach of being completely built on top of a reactive system. It isn't just some way to automate state management. It is the renderer, the components, every aspect of how the library works.