Static Code analysis for Node.js and TypeScript Project using SonarQube

Static Code Analysis for Node.js and TypeScript Project using SonarQube. SonarQube is an open-source quality management platform, dedicated to continuously analyze and measure technical quality, from project portfolio to method.

Setup Sonarqube With Angular Project in 6 Minutes

If you are trying to set up Sonarqube for your Angular codebase for code coverage analysis. Setup Sonarqube With Angular Project in 6 Minutes. A simple guide to setup Sonarqube for your Angular project.

SonarQube with GitHub Actions and .NET Core 5.x

Getting SonarQube working with GitHub Actions and .NET Core 5.x isn't as straightforward as you hope. Learn how to plug SonarQube in! GitHub Actions are a great devops tool. As you’re upgrading projects to .NET 5, however, you may run into issues with code coverage and static code analysis. SONARQUBE WITH GITHUB ACTIONS AND .NET CORE 5.X

Code quality with SONARQUBE

Analyse Symfony app code quality using SONARQUBE. Add a Sonarqube config file in the root directory of your project (sonar-project). SonarQube is an open-source platform developed by SonarSource with continuous inspection of code quality.

SonarQube - Code Quality and Code Security - Code Quality Gates

Sonarqube is a tool with that you can check your Flutter and Dart application it allows you to get metrics and key figures for your project. #Sonarqube #Dart...

How to Set Up SonarQube Locally on A React Typescript Project

Guarantee code quality on your React Typescript project by using SonarQube together with ESLint and Jest.

Increase Your Application Security With the Integration of SonarQube

In this article we will shortly run through the architecture and set up an environment to quickly run an analysis through our code. Finally we will explore some code examples, where SonarQube helps finding bugs and improve our code.

Static Golang Code Analysis with Go and SonarQube

This guide will cover how to test Golang code using SonarQube, a popular and free static code analysis tool. When you write code, whether it's app code or automation code one fact still holds true: the code must follow best practices and be tested on best practices.

Integrating SonarQube to your Flutter App using Docker

At the time of this writing there was no clear, straight forward way to add SonarQube’s .In this article, I’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to install Docker, modify its state, save your container as an image, add SonarQube’s SonarScanner and run analysis on your code.

Setup Sonarqube for Angular application locally in three easy(!?!)

This is my personal experience in setting up Sonarqube for our Angular application in a local dev-environment and it sticks to that narrowing scope. This doesn’t talk about what is Sonarqube or how to use the reports of Sonarqube.

Integrating SonarQube with Jenkins

SonarQube is an open-source platform for continuous inspection of code quality. Here, We will discuss integrating SonarQube with Jenkins to achieve CI with fully automated code analysis.

How to Evaluation Nodejs Code with Jest, SonarQube and Docker

In this article, we talk about a basic example using Nodejs, Express, Docker, Jest and Sonarqube. Using the wikipedia explanation “SonarQube is an open source platform developed by SonarSource for continuous code quality inspection, to perform automatic reviews with static code analysis to detect bugs, code odors and security vulnerabilities in over 20 languages. programming.”

SonarQube(Part 2) — Features of SonarQube, Installation and some practice on SonarQube

In this tutorial, we will be learning about SonarQube. It is a Software testing tool used to improve the quality of the code and help fix