The Weekly Roundup - Top AI & Data Science News The Week | 30th Jan

Today's episode is a weekly update from the world of data science, everything from new launches, latest research, cyber threats and events that have happened...

SpaceX Eyes Indian Telecom Market With Satellite Internet

The biggest competition of Starlink will be cellular networks.

NASA’s New AI Tool Can Spot Craters On Mars - Analytics India Magazine

Researchers from JPL, created this AI tool where for the “first time” researchers are leveraging AI to identify unknown craters on Mars

SpaceX & Microsoft Azure Join Hands — Launch A New Era Of Spacerace

In addition to SpaceX, Microsoft is also partnering with Luxembourg’s SES, which separately operates a network of larger satellites

Tesla Might Soon Set Up A Research Centre In Bengaluru

If everything goes well, the world’s most valuable carmaker may come to India soon and will be the second country outside the US to have a research centre.

Tech Behind Nasa’s ML Model To Predict Hurricane Intensity

NASA’s new ML model can improve the accuracy of the prediction of hurricane intensity and provide better results.

Why NASA’s launch with Space-X is such a big deal for America

On May 30th, two astronauts, Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken left for the International Space Station(ISS) onboard the SpaceX’s Falcon-9 rocket.

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SpaceX Falcon 9 Landing with RL

Reinforcement Learning with SpaceX Rockets! The Falcon 9, developed by aerospace company SpaceX, means it is now possible to reuse the first-stage of the rocket.

Creating a SpaceX Crew Dragon simulator autopilot in Clojure

In preparation for the SpaceX Crew Dragon’s first crewed mission Demo-2 in late May, SpaceX released a pretty cool little WebGL docking simulator, featuring the Dragon spacecraft. After getting the docking done successfully a few times, I realised this is a perfect opportunity to write a docking autopilot! How does one even approach a problem like this?

Javascript in spacex

A javascript-based spacecraft autopilot