Boost WordPress website Speed & performance

Here are some handy tips to boost the speed of any WordPress website and improve its performance. Implement these and gain an unmatched competitive edge.

how to speed up windows 10 | Quick and easy steps

If you get irritated by the slow speed of windows 10. Then this is a good article for How to speed up Windows 10 Quick and easy steps.

Python Multi-Processing vs Multi-Threading

I’ve been trying to speed up my program to execute tasks much quicker and I got to know about Pythons Multi-Processing and Multi-Threading.

How To Buy a Computer for Cross-Platform Development

Learn about buying a computer for cross-platform app development on phones such as Android and iOS with Windows or macOS.

Why Numpy Arrays over Lists ?

Why Numpy Arrays over Lists ? Let’s learn & explore in detail why can’t we use Python Lists & instead switch to Numpy Arrays for Data Science Related stuff.

Secondary DNS

The goal of Cloudflare operated Secondary DNS is to allow our customers with custom DNS solutions, be it on-premise or some other DNS provider, to be able to take advantage of Cloudflare's DNS performance and more recently, through Secondary Override, our proxying and security capabilities too.

Home Screen - Complete E-Commerce App Flutter UI - Speed Code

Home Screen - Complete E-Commerce App Flutter UI - I will share with you how you can create a nice clean main page for your e-commerce app that can run both Andriod and iOS devices because it builds with flutter.

Evaluating Performance on Search Algorithms in Python and Rust

Speed in search algo in Python and Rust? Ever wondered if the search algorithms that you have learnt in high school or college/university, would perform differently in different programming languages?

How to make your Magento site faster | SOFTLOFT

We have already posted an article on this subject. But the issue is so sensitive that we decided to discuss it again in more detail. Magento eCommerce platform

Make your Python functions 10x faster

Learn to use the ElementwiseKernel API to accelerate your python code on GPU with CUDA and to speed up your NumPy code! This post is a very special one for me because it contains things that I have learned while preparing for Google Summer of Code 2020 (not selected).



Test Your Home Network Performance

Cloudflare launches, a tool that allows you to gain in-depth insights into the quality of your network uplink, including throughput, latency and jitter.

For most online shoppers, their first visit to a web store is a make-or-break experience. Just as they may be impressed by the catalog, design, and prices, they can also be discouraged by poor website performance, a clunky interface, or a lack of...