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How Spotify uses Machine Learning?

Spotify is the largest on-demand music services in the world and has 299 million monthly users, including 138 million paying subscribers. One of the exciting features of the Spotify is Discover Weekly. It’s a custom mixtape of 30 songs they’ve never listened to before but will probably love, and it’s pretty much magic. In this tutorial, you'll see How Spotify uses Machine Learning?


In this blog, I’m going to discuss some ideas on how to create an API System Integration Test framework using Python. To exemplify this, I will be using Spotify endpoints.

Using Spotipy & Pandas to Observe Differences between 80s/90s music and Modern Day Hip-Hop

My goal here is to examine music data to find what components of hip-hop have changed; By using Spotify’s API and data visualization tools, I’m hoping to garner insights as to what made hip hop music popular in the 80s/90’s compared to today.

Cluster Your Liked Songs on Spotify into Playlists of Similar Songs

Exploring Audio Features, classifying into moods and building a Machine Learning Approach. In this article, an author tries to analyze not only his but also a fiancée’s preference to determine what the data has to say about this.

Spotify Open-Sources Klio, An AI Framework For Next Generation Audio Algorithms

Recently, Spotify open-sourced an AI framework at the 2020 International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, known as Klio.

How to Utilize Spotify’s API and Create a User Interface in Streamlit

How to Utilize Spotify’s API and Create a User Interface in Streamlit. A walkthrough on how you can pull data from an API and display user-determined results in an interactive chart

Let’s create a Mini Spotify with Flutter and Riverpod

Creating a beautiful mini Spotify using Flutter and Riverpod. So I thought why not create an article to show a use case of riverpod with Flutter. So in today’s article, we’ll be creating a Mini Spotify using Flutter and riverpod. Let’s get started!

Creating Spotify Playlists with Unsupervised Learning

Creating Spotify Playlists with Unsupervised Learning. A Practical Application of Clustering in Creating Recommendations.

Authenticate With Spotify in iOS

My goal in this article is to improve Spotify’s Authorization Guide with better visuals, clearer step by step, actual Swift codes, and more.

How to Access Spotify’s Web API Using Ruby, RESTClient, and JSON

Client-side API Authorization using Spotify’s Web API . APIs usually have thorough documentation that is both technical and practical, detailing many designed user experiences.

Analysis and prediction of Billboard’s next hit songs (part 1)

Thousands of songs are released every year around the world. Some are very successful in the music industry; others less so. It is a fact that being successful in this industry remains a difficult task.

Webscraping Spotify reviews using ‘rvest’ in R

The ‘rvest’ library in R is the newest tool in my toolbox to web scrape websites! To test it out, I decided to scrape ‘Trustpilot’ website which is a popular platform for reviewers to review services and other websites. In this scraping exercise, I plan to extract reviewer ratings and remarks for Spotify. Let us see what users have to say about Spotify music! Next we create a variable to store the html of the source url which in our case is the Spotify page on the Trustpilot website.

Developing a Spotify Player Web Extension

The goal of Spotify extension is to provide basic features that allow the user to quickly and easily control the Spotify app. When we are working or just browsing the web it is inconvenient to have to toggle between windows in order to control the music that is playing. Furthermore, we can lose focus or get distracted once we navigate away from our current window and open Spotify. However, using the simple extension that we created, we can eliminate the need to navigate away from your current window to control Spotify.

Clustering Music to Create your Personal Playlists on Spotify

An easy way to group songs by similarity in Spotify Playlists.Spotify is one of the most famous Music Platforms to discover new music. The company uses a lot of different algorithms to recommend the user new music based on their music preferences and most of these recommendations are located in Playlists.

Predicting the Music Mood of a Song with Deep Learning.

A cool way to predict the mood of music tracks with Neural Networks models using Keras and Tensorflow Libraries on Python. Music is a powerful language to express our feelings and in many cases is used as a therapy to deal with tough moments in our lives.

Build Better Developer Portals with Spotify’s Backstage

Build Better Developer Portals with Spotify’s Backstage. Spotify's Backstage makes it easier to collect your team's standards, processes, and development tools.

UPDATE: Next Level GitHub Profile README (NEW) | GitHub Actions

UPDATE: Next Level GitHub Profile README (NEW) | GitHub Actions

Unsupervised Learning with Scikit-learn, Spotify API, and Tableau Public

In this post, I use an unsupervised learning approach to compare Houston Artists using the Spotify’s Web API and Tableau. We'll walk through the OSEMN framework for this machine learning example. The acronym, OSEMN, stands for Obtain, Scrub, Explore, Model, and iNterpret.

He Dies, She Sucks: An Analysis of Gender and Language

An Analysis of Gender and Language in Songs on Spotify. Men and women are portrayed very differently in entertainment. The way they speak, how they are portrayed.